What does it mean to cry in a dream and wake up crying

What does it mean to cry in a dream and wake up crying

Experts from the world of dreams reveal the real meaning of dreaming that you cry and when you wake up you are still crying

Human beings are emotional, and generally the subconscious is the one that gives you away when you really have a problem or some situation that worries you or hurts you that is projected in dreams. What is striking is that you cry at the same time both in the dream and in reality.

You cry so much that when you wake up you see that you have tears rolling down your cheeks and as if that were not enough, the emotion exceeds the dream world. What does it mean that I cry in the dream and in real life at the same time? This dream has to do with releasing tension.

It means that those tears are part of the emotions and that when they are too much stored, your subconscious makes them come out through dreams. When you wake up crying it is because you release tensions and frustrations that you accumulate throughout your life.

Dream specialists say that this dream where you wake up crying is because you repress a wound or trauma. When you have a nightmare involving children or family, you also wake up crying.

With crying your body is freed, it is like a defense mechanism that your body has to regenerate itself and release everything that hurts you, what hurts you.

The wonderful thing about this situation of crying when you wake up is that when you finish crying you feel light, as if you really freed yourself from a heavy burden.