What Lovers Suffer

What Lovers Suffer

The lovers suffer various situations caused by being the third in disagreement, mainly social disapproval

Yes, lovers , like men’s "official" partners, also suffer for love . And the main cause of his suffering is a man unable to decide between one relationship or the other, or worse, who decides to keep both without being totally honest with both.

Let us remember that, in a relationship , it is the members of the couple who agree to remain monogamy, so whoever breaks the agreement bears the responsibility of communicating it to their partner, so the third person involved is not obliged to do anything. .

It is a subject that has different edges to be analyzed, so it is also necessary to consider why some women prefer to be the mistress.

This third person, that is, the lover He is not in an advantageous position, as neither is the partner of the unfaithful individual, in this situation the man is the privileged one, therefore, the other two parties suffer.

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Lovers generally have to face social derision, since they are almost always judged and questioned more harshly than the infidel, who is the one who made the commitment.

Unfortunately women often get into a rivalry dynamic, but it can easily dissolve if you learn to look at the real enemy. Thus, the union between women can prevent an infidelity from occurring, immediately denouncing the one who knows he is married and is flirting.

Lovers and wives suffer because the man is on a privilege in which masculinity rewards the one who can have more than one woman, since this supposedly increases his manhood indexes, since it is understood as a synonym that he is so powerful that he has the capacity to attend sexually to more than one woman, to own them as if they were property.

The best thing is that you look for a partner willing to commit
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As much as if you are the wife or the lover, we recommend that you look for a partner capable of committing to you beyond pleasure, you deserve someone to share with, and not to take care of.

Ask yourself the following question: are all lovers bad? In the end we are all people facing different circumstances and contexts. The ideal thing would be, as in everything, to avoid trials.