Whatsapp: Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Boss Through Messages

Whatsapp: Things You Shouldn't Say To Your Boss Through Messages

There are some sentences that it is best not to say by message to your boss as they can be misinterpreted

When we send a message we run the risk that the other person does not interpret it as we want, since the context or the situations it is going through will greatly influence, so you must be very careful with the sentences you exchange with your superiors.

Sending messages is one of the most used forms of communication, since it is practical and fast, however sometimes things cannot go as expected. Therefore, you must know the things that you should not say to your boss by WhatsApp message.

I don’t have time to do it

Time is never enough, so even if you have a lot of work, it is not recommended that apart from refusing you make a complaint to your superior. We are continually being asked to do more with less time. The key is to be able to manage the hours and prioritize the things that have them.

Things you should not say to your boss in messages. Photo: Pexels


Unless it’s illegal, unethical, or puts your integrity at risk, it’s not a good idea to give your boss a negative. It is best to ask questions or negotiate, however you should avoid saying no, unless you have an excellent resume or do not need the job much.

It wasn’t me, it was him

In case there is any failure in the work and you are responsible, you must accept it. In case of the opposite and the fault is not yours, do not point to anyone else even if you are sure of it. Doing so will make you look unprofessional.

You’re wrong

In case you think that your boss is making a mistake, there are many ways to say it, by message is not the most appropriate. Remember that no one is exempt from making mistakes, the key is to find the best way to make them see it. Try to always do it with cordiality and respect.

That’s not part of my job

Showing that you are unwilling to cooperate shows that you don’t feel like part of the team. Be honest, no job description is accurate from the start. Saying that you are not willing to do any more of your work is a very explicit statement that you are not wearing your shirt.

I do not know

Although it is common that you do not have an answer for all the questions. According to a Business Insider article, a recommendation is to say something that is closest to what is considered correct.