When Barbara De Regil’s Husband Called Her Naquita

When Barbara De Regil's Husband Called Her Naquita

Supposedly the husband of Bárbara de Regil had found some photos of her with other men and that caused her annoyance, he even ran her from the house, but the actress denies everything

The life of the Mexican actress, Bárbara de Regil , 34, has been involved in some scandals and one of the most remembered was when her husband called her "naquita" and all because of some photos with other men he found on his cell phone.

Supposedly everything happened when they were dating, Barbara de Regil and Fernando. The audio that was released to the public stated that it was the current husband of Bárbara de Regil, who accused her of having been unfaithful to him .

In the recording, he allegedly ran her out of her house calling her "naquita." Although the audio is old, it has gone viral again due to the controversies that the actress has raised, with some comments.

A magazine in Mexico released the audio where Barbara was accused by her current husband Fernando of having messages and photos with other men and stated that he did not deserve to have such a woman by his side, but it seems that it could all have been a a lie, since they are now happily married.

In the leaked audio, you can hear how Fernando tells him that all the love he felt for her had ended and demands that he leave his house, everything happened because he decided to check the actress’s cell phone and found a surprise.

After the audio was released, Bárbara de Regil tried to explain the origin of it, said that possibly someone recorded it or it could also be a phone call that had been intercepted.

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But the truth is that the actress denied everything and although she could not explain exactly what happened with her current partner, everything was misunderstood, although she made it clear that she has had differences with her husband, but affirmed that she never had. run from their home, which they now share with Bárbara de Regil’s daughter.