Barbara De Regil is asked to marry again, very beautiful

Barbara De Regil is asked to marry again, very beautiful

Bárbara de Regil, more in love than ever, shared a beautiful video on her social networks in which her husband Fernando Schoenwald asked her to marry him

Romantic, and special, this was the moment in which Fernando Schoenwald asked Barbara de Regil again , the unique moment was shared by the influencer on her social networks, with whom she celebrated 4 years married to the lawyer and 7 years ago. stand by him.

With the song “A thousand years” by the singer Christina Perry in the background, Bárbara de Regil shared with her fans the most romantic and special moments she has lived with her husband and that marriage proposal in which between tears and with Fernando Schoenwald from knees said the long-awaited "yes I accept."

In the video we also see the great love that has existed in the couple for more than 7 years, how Bárbara de Regil promised to love Fer Schoenwald at his magical wedding and how happy they have been together as a married couple during these 4 years “today I still drool when you smile (literal) I love how you laugh, I love how you are, "he wrote in the message that accompanies the video.

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"You are everything my heart talks about … I have fallen in love many times … But it is always with you Happiness is peace and you are my happiness and my peace Btw: the other year is the second wedding"

Fer Schoenwald wrote "Proud of one more year by your side always together and fighting to be better learning from the good and the bad. Happy to invent love every day with you and Grateful with life. Happy anniversary love of my life ”, in a photo remembering her wedding day.

Bárbara de Regil and Fernando Schoenwald met thanks to the actress’s cousin, Marco Antonio Regil , he was the cupid who caused the crush between them, then they began their relationship almost at the end of the first part of the series "Rosario Tijeras", shortly time he asked her to marry him.

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The couple joined their civil lives at a party that was organized at the St. Regis hotel in Mexico City, the religious ceremony was held at Hacienda Atongo, in Querétaro “I always dreamed of having a prince charming … no I can believe that I am marrying him, I love you with all my being, ”said Bárbara de Regil on her wedding day.