Yalitza Aparicio Kim Kardashian Style Wearing Leather

Yalitza Aparicio Kim Kardashian Style Wearing Leather

Nobody beats seeing Yalitza Aparicio dressed in a very Kim Kardashian style look and compliments continue to rain on the Mexican for daring to wear a leather look.

The Oaxacan actress has already dressed in all kinds of garments, from an elegant corset, to a long dress full of sequins, but no one imagined seeing her in the pure style of the socialite, they confuse Yalitza Aparicio with Kim Kardashian by wearing the same look of brown leather , no one expected to see the Oscar nominee wearing clothes with this fabric that highlighted her figure.

Kim Kardashian has been characterized by wearing leather wardrobes on more than one occasion, from pants, tops, palazzos and others, since she knows that this fabric, by adjusting to the silhouette, brings out the best profile, that seems to have called attention to the Mexican Yalitza Aparicio, who with the same look as the American sought to dethrone her, left with a square eye.

Those in charge of caring for and highlighting the image of Yalitza Aparicio, have already tried different cuts, colors and textures in the clothes worn by the actress and with excellent results, making it shine anywhere, but no one expected to see her wearing leather. that she is a woman who prefers more reserved and not so extravagant looks, but has been encouraged to dress in true Kardashian style.

Yalitza Aparicio
They confuse Yalitza Aparicio with Kim Kardashian with the same brown leather look. Photo: Instagram.

In the run-up to the 2021 Golden Globes, Yalitza Aparicio looked stunning with very feminine and tender tones in a two-tone pink and electric blue dress, the same design gave much to talk about, but seeing the young woman from Tlaxiaco wearing this type of outfit already It is a custom, since since her rise to fame, elegance is something that has accompanied her through all the finery.

However, with the passage of time Yalitza Aparicio has managed to stay at the top of the best dressed actresses, this has led her to try different styles, although she has been a reserved woman, little by little she has opened up to more designs than They help you show off much more, but no one expected you to dare to wear leather, something that many women prefer to avoid.

Dressing in leather is not easy, as many women do not dare to use it as part of their outfit because most of the time it must be worn with clothes that fit the figure to make it stand out and look good and some also claim that It is a bit uncomfortable and it makes them sweat too much, but that was not an impediment for Yalitza Aparicio.

At the beginning of February, the Oaxacan woman surprised her fans by appearing on the cover of King King Magazine, but what surprised everyone the most was that in that photograph, the actress appeared wearing leather, in the pure style of the Kardashian That is why it was almost impossible for some users not to make the comparison with the most famous socialite on American television.

In the photo, Yalitza Aparicio appears sitting on a chair, wearing a tight round neck, long-sleeved blouse and fitted jeans, both garments being made of leather and in brown, which made her figure stand out, as well. as Kim Kardashian has done on more than one occasion, such as that time she modeled in front of her large closet a brown leather trousers and a matching high-neck, sleeveless blouse.

A little over a month after this photograph, it continues to cause a stir on social networks, and although Yalitza Aparicio lacks even more exercise to achieve Kim Kardashian’s mini waist, she has the bearing and elegance, so to be of the first times you dare to wear leather, your fans ask you to do it again, leather looks should be part of your closet.