When Will There Be A Full Moon And Its Influence In This 2019

When Will There Be A Full Moon And Its Influence In This 2019

When will it be a full moon? Discover it in the lunar calendar that Gustavo Valor together with Mystic Help reveal for you

The full moon is one of the best natural spectacles, which can be synonymous with great influences on plants and human behavior. Knowing when there will be a full moon is important, since this can be a good ally, providing energy and certain powers at the astral level.

Each phase of the moon has its benefits, knowing them helps to take better advantage of their influence in our lives, in the case of when there will be a full moon , it is the phase in which more energy is released and it is said that during this phase, creativity and concentration is much better in people.

When there is a full moon, it is ideal to go to solitary spaces , taking advantage of these moments of greater lucidity, because serotonin is very present and therefore the functions that regulate mood are at their best.

Full moon and its influences on earth. Photo: Pixabay
Full moon and its influences on earth. Photo: Pixabay

The appearance of the full moon makes us feel full, satisfied with our lives, but we must be careful, since when this terminal phase, there could be an imbalance in our emotions, the idea is to get the most out of it for personal growth and channel this energy into spaces for reflection in the workplace.

In 2019, when will there be a full moon?

The lunar cycle consists of four phases, the New Moon (when only a small part of the moon is seen in the form of a smile); Crescent Moon (when it begins to be seen little by little); the full Moon when we can see it completely and with an incomparable brightness; and finally, the last quarter phase, is when we see how the Moon disappears again little by little. Each of these phases is different, it has its own characteristics and effects on the planet and on human beings, so it is important to know when there will be a full moon in 2019.

For this new year, we will have the first full moon of the year on Sunday, January 20 ; In the month of February we will have this beautiful natural spectacle for Wednesday 20, in March this lunar phase will take place on the 21st and in April the 20th. With respect to the month of May, the full moon will be seen on Sunday the 19th; In June we will have it for Tuesday the 18th, in July the 17th, in August it will appear on the night of the 15th, by September we will be able to see it on the 13th, as well as October 13th.

As for the last two appearances of the full moon, the number of the day is also repeated, this time for November 12 and the same for December.

What happens after the appearance of the full moon?

When the full moon begins to disappear, according to lunar astrology, this has direct effects on our actions and the efforts we make may not give us the results we expected, since we would go against the natural rhythm of the lunar cycle, which we escapes from the hands.

It is advisable not to try too hard after the full Moon, but rather to take advantage of all the energy that arises the first two weeks, then the third and fourth phases are not very prosperous times to start things, but rather to get results from what we have made and make decisions.

The influence of the full moon on business

The full moon not only influences mood, work or love, but also business, so if you want them to prosper in the 2019 full moon, you should follow these tips:

Do business in the early hours: From 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, it is a good stretch of time for business to really prosper, since the sun is at the highest point. This position of the sun represents success, honors, prestige and helps to achieve goals, also if we know that there is a full moon, it is the ideal time, since the energy of this moon phase will provide you with the prosperity you require.

To create new projects:

Choose periods between the new moon and the full moon 2019, in this way the opportunities will be better and the results more promising, it is the ideal period to make adjustments in projects that are already started as well.

Regarding sales:

If you know when there will be a full moon, you can schedule plans, sales, organization, meetings, conferences and even merge your company with another, since it is the time when all these actions will be favored.

Wait a bit to make big decisions and negotiate when there is a new moon: In this case, unlike the full moon, it is very early to decide, so it is good to know when there will be a full moon and that this is the moment chosen to close deals. important.

To sign contracts:

This action is more recommended with the growing moon (or almost full moon), it is the ideal period or phase to sign contracts, register companies, inaugurate businesses, carry out events and investments, or even to open bank accounts.

To collect debts:

It is not good when there will be a full moon, but rather in the waning moon phase, since during it is when your clients will have the greatest willingness to pay. It is also a good time to process credits.

Myths of the full moon and its influence

When we find out when there will be a full moon, they almost always come to our mind or we hear myths, such as that because of this people become a bit unstable, we even hear that the full moon makes them "crazy".

There are also myths that a pregnant woman gives birth when there is a full moon, among other beliefs, but these are only urban legends that have become popular over the years.

Other popular myths about when there will be a full moon, is that anxiety, radical changes in mood, panic attacks, insomnia, sleepwalking are common and it is even said that people often have suicidal thoughts.

In the same way, other crazy legends are heard such as that at this time dogs bite, hair grows much stronger and that hunting is more productive.

It should be noted that not all myths are false, but the truth is that the full moon generates tides in the oceans and the temperature may drop a little more than on other days, causing precipitation in meteorological time.

This article was written in collaboration with Mystic Help