With Escotazo Biby Gaytán’s daughter leaves with her mouth open

With Escotazo Biby Gaytán's daughter leaves with her mouth open

Ana Paula brought out the bearing and sensuality that her mother Biby Gaytán boasted in the nineties, that’s how she looked in a publication on her social networks

With the bearing of Bibiy Gaytán and the gallantry of Eduardo Capetillo, Ana Paula Capetillo proves that beauty is in her genes and that at 24 she is just as beautiful as her mother, she also has that sensuality that the actress of “Dos Mujeres un Camino ”boasted in the 1990s.

In a princess dress in pink but with a deep neckline, Ana Paula Capetillo left everyone with their mouths open and it is that she verified that elegance and daring are not fought, that is how this publication reached more than 14 thousand " I like it ”and filled his post with comments from his followers.

"You look very beautiful"; "You look like a princess" ; "It is divine, spectacular lights", among other words were those dedicated to Biby Gaytán’s daughter, even her brothers Alejandra and Eduardo praised Ana Paula for her beautiful dress and for how beautiful she looked.

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Ana Paula Capetillo is very focused on the YouTube channel that she shares with her sister Alejandra , there they tell a little about their lives and perform interesting and fun dynamics such as letting their parents, Eduardo Capetillo, make up on them, this is one of the videos most recent on the channel.

But what is a space they use for something more entertaining, suddenly became a confessional when his father spoke about a disease he suffered long ago: skin cancer that affected his lifestyle forever and changed his habits. to sunbathe.

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“I want to tell you dear friends that this is a first for all of you here on my daughters’ channel, I got skin cancer from getting so much sun . And then my dermatologist, who is a person I love very much, my dear Olga Labastida, told me: never again will you get a ray of sunlight, "said Eduardo Capetillo.

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Eduardo Capetillo has distinguished himself by keeping his private life away from the spotlight, his health problem is a revelation for many since no one knew what was happening with the protagonist of "Marimar."