With Mexican Dress Verónica Castro Is Pride Of Mexico

With Mexican Dress Verónica Castro Is Pride Of Mexico

Verónica Castro is seen sitting on the floor with her dress extended to show the majesty of her workmanship, she is a pride of Mexico

Imposing and majestic is what the queen of soap operas Verónica Castro looks like, who is shown in a beautiful Mexican dress with ruffles that makes her look spectacular. Sitting on the floor with her dress stretched out to show the majesty of her workmanship, and wearing heavy makeup to enhance her face, she remains the pride of Mexico.

Although it is true that Verónica Castro has not been in television projects, it is said that Televisa wants her in the recordings of the new version of the telenovela “Los rico also lloran”, which in 1979 was a success starring Verónica Castro and Rogelio War. It is known that it would be very interesting for her to appear in this project.

Verónica Castros has been seen with great naturalness on her Instagram, without makeup or with makeup, her beauty is impressive, and it is that at 68 years old, she continues to maintain that class that many actresses her age would already like. Verónica has been involved in some scandals and the strongest was when Yolanda Andrade brought to light the love relationship they had when they were young.

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This is not forgotten by Verónica and it is said that she is only waiting for the opportunity to take revenge. How? According to the open secret, it is said that the actress and singer is more than ready to participate in the program "Who is the Mask?" It is known that he will not only do it for money, but to have the power again to take revenge on Yolanda Andrade.

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Meanwhile, her followers enjoy the versatility of Verónica, as seen on her Instagram account, dressed in an extraordinary Mexican dress with ruffles, she made up with bright colors, she looked beautiful with her dress that had beautiful prints.

It should be noted that Verónica Castro has no new projects, but the last acting work she did in the first season of the Casa de las Flores and the movie "Dime When You" which premiered earlier this year and had the direction of photography of his Michelle Castro and that it has been a success.

Her fans hope to see her on the small screen soon. Either in a soap opera or in a program where she is the star.