Zodiac signs that do not get along with Leo

Zodiac signs that do not get along with Leo

Whether due to competition, envy or different ways of thinking, these zodiac signs do not get along at all well with Leos, they are incompatible

People born under the sign of Leo usually have high self-esteem , they believe they are the animal that represents the kings of the jungle, apart from the fact that they manage to achieve everything they set out to do, that is why they usually make many enemies . In fact, there are some signs of the zodiac that do not get along with Leo at all.

It should be noted that they are among one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac, this is because they tend to shine so high that people tend to envy them, before seeing them as good allies. Besides, all that energy that they give off usually makes those with insecurity problems feel even more insignificant by their side. That is why you must know the signs of the zodiac that are a danger to Leo.

The signs that I am going to mention below do not have an iota of affinity with lions. In this way, those born in this zodiacal house will know well what they must face once they enter into a relationship with another person.

Zodiac signs that do not get along with Leo. Photo: Unsplash
Zodiac signs that do not get along with Leo. Photo: Unsplash

One of the biggest struggles that a person born under the sign of Leo has is wanting to have leadership . They want to have the helm of any situation, which means that those born under this astrological house win many rivalries, on many occasions meaningless.

Virgo: The most perfectionists of the zodiac do not get along with Leos at all. Their rivalry is born because the Virgo want to control everything, apart from the fact that their desire for perfectionism makes them enter into a direct clash with the lions, who also do not tend to take aggression very well.

So every time there are encounters between the two, it is impossible for conflicts not to appear. Although there are many ways to make amends, if a Leo and a Virgo get along badly from the first day they met, there’s a good chance they’ll never be friends.

Capricorn: This zodiac sign is a fighter who does not rest until he gets everything he wants. They do not usually leave anything to chance, so they tend to establish their own model to resolve any type of conflict. Hence, they have many frictions with the signs of fire, who hardly give their arm to twist.

However, the maturity of the rams usually helps smooth out rough edges. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that both of you talk about your differences so that you can develop a good friendship or even a rivalry that is productive for both of you.

Taurus: People born under this sign are extremely stubborn, that is why few can withstand the impetus of those represented by the bull, who love to live life without any concern and doing things without much preparation, although with a lot. heart. This is something that Leos cannot tolerate, because it jeopardizes any situation.

In such a way that conflicts between the two usually occur naturally, since apart from being stubborn, both know very well what arguments they must show to make their points of view understood. There are cases where both signs learn to get along and complement each other perfectly. However, they do not last long together.

Pisces: Leos can’t stand the imaginative side of Pisces, who, being people who don’t like to get into conflicts, don’t have well-defined decisions or positions. This is not at all attractive to Leos, who have their path well marked and hate anything that could change their course.

The relationship between the two is very fragile, since most of the ideas of the two tend to conflict with each other. However, if you work hard, hang out and communicate often, you can become best friends.

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