5 Reasons You Tend To Come Back With A Toxic Person

5 Reasons You Tend To Come Back With A Toxic Person

Besides that it is a pattern that you are returning to over and over again, there are some reasons why you may be returning with the poison, do not fall for it

Going back to a person who hurt you and who had toxic attitudes with you is not healthy , but there are people who see as their most faithful alternative to return to the same place, hiding behind the saying "one always returns to where he was happy" and that is when you must ask yourself, were you really happy there?

You should also ask yourself if there are other reasons other than love why you are returning with that partner, toxic relationships are a problem that a person can hardly get out of, because sometimes they are like addicts, without recognizing that they need help and without realizing that there is no future there.

Naively, there are people who return to the former toxic because they cling to a beautiful memory that perhaps by then has already been erased ; Take into account these reasons that we present to you, we guarantee that you have thought about more than one, if you notice that it is your case, ask for professional help, do not fall into that relationship again.

Five reasons why you tend to go back to a toxic person. Photo: Pexels

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You think it already changed. After a while you think that it will be better with you, that you can finally be happy and that there will be no more obstacles that separate you, but in reality you are facing someone who will never change.

Loneliness. You do not like being alone, there is a great background why you cannot be, but you must learn to be with yourself, without the need for a person who, accept it, if he can be without you.

You don’t think you deserve more. The self-esteem of a person who has the need to be with someone toxic is very low, so he must work to improve it, in order to be able to get rid of it and have the willpower not to look for it.

Five reasons why you tend to go back to a toxic person. Photo: Pexels

You are used to it. Codependency can also show its more subtle side when you conform to your toxic relationship because you do not know how to be in another, your comfort does not allow you to leave your comfort zone where your toxic partner lives.

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You suppress what he did to you . No matter how serious it was, you are convinced that it was not so bad, but that it is better to be with him than with anyone, so you suppress or minimize the facts in order to continue with that person.