Signs You Are Avoiding Breakup

Signs You Are Avoiding Breakup

You already realized that something is not right with your partner, but we will confirm it by giving you the signs that you are avoiding the breakup

When a relationship begins to be a little longer than you imagined, or, for some reason dependence has come into their lives, while love is wearing thin, the signs appear that you are avoiding the breakup .

The breakup or separation can be very scary and it is not something that everyone wants to face, because it means moving forward without that person to whom you have become so used to.

In addition, it also implies leaving your comfort zone and facing other challenges in life that would make you grow and have to find new and different ways of doing things, it would change the situation in your school or work, and perhaps even with your circle. of friends.

Signs that you are avoiding the breakup Photo: Pexels

But the longer it takes to cut that relationship, the more toxic it can get, watch out! According to science, there is a list of reasons why couples break up, analyze them in detail and you may find the answer you are looking for.

These are the signs that you are avoiding a breakout:

1. You no longer talk about the future

Where will they spend the next Christmas or anniversary? As soon as the subject is presented and you prefer to talk about the weather or anything else that has nothing to do with what fate has in store for them, perhaps because deep down you know that fate is fading.

Otherwise the phrases that reveal that he no longer loves you, make their appearance. Realize, even if it hurts.

2. Zero serious conversations

No deep talks that lead you to talk about how relationships end, love ends, among other things, or that someone else is moving the rug or making eyes at you.

3. They fight without agreements

They do not even know why they are fighting so much, sometimes when discussing the issue they forget how it started, so for the same reason they cannot reach agreements, the fights simply do not come to anything, they are empty and almost always for the same reasons.

4. Your friends confirm it

More than one tells you that you would be happier if you weren’t with him, and there is no doubt about this type of statement.