Angelica Rivera’s Dress Same As Beatriz Gutiérrez

Angelica Rivera's Dress Same As Beatriz Gutiérrez

Angélica Rivera and Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller wore a cute ivory dress to important events, with which fashion experts described them as elegant and natural.

In public events and visits to other countries in her role as first lady, the Seagull dressed in elegant outfits, some fascinated the public and others were rejected by fashion experts, but without a doubt one of the most remembered outfits, is Angélica Rivera’s ivory dress, the same as Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller’s , both stole glances with this wardrobe.

If there is someone who knows how to dress well and who boasts of having good tastes to choose their outfits, they are the protagonist of "La Dueña", to show this ivory dress by Angélica Rivera just like Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, with this outfit she caused a sensation In 2015 and the current first lady also overflowed with elegance, that garment was phenomenal.

Angélica Rivera has always dazzled with her outfits, a faithful lover of fashion and likes to wear clothes that go with her personality, style and beauty, that is why she has exuded charm in each of her looks, but no one can forget that ivory dress , to which AMLO’s wife gave a slight wink in one of her chosen dresses to give the cry of Independence.

If something has always highlighted the ex of El Güero Castro, it is that she knows class and elegance, that is undoubtedly noticeable in her way of dressing, that is why she never goes unnoticed anywhere, at least that happened when she did not decide To get away from the public eye, she wasted beauty in each garment and step she took, to show that, this ivory dress.

In 2015, when the mother of Sofía, Fernanda and Regina Castro was first lady, she walked on the arm of her then husband Enrique Peña Nieto, at the Grito de Independencia ceremony, the 51-year-old actress dazzled with an ivory-colored dress from Empire cut, at the top it had a touch of blue with a crossed neckline.

This ivory-colored dress had flower embroidery and the making of such a beautiful garment, was carried out by one of its head designers, Alejandro Carlín, who did not hesitate to praise her creation, this outfit was one of the most applauded by Angélica Rivera , who on that occasion decided to wear her hair down in waves, looked divine.

But the one who did not want to be left behind was AMLO’s distinguished wife, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller winked at Angélica Rivera’s stylish dress and also wore an ivory-toned dress that the press and fashion specialists recognized as an elegant look. Natural and solemn, she looked very comfortable in her wardrobe.

The ivory color predominated in the dress, with a stronger touch at the bottom, long sleeves with buttons at the cuffs and embroidery on the front with details of flowers and butterflies, as soon as her hair, she wore it up in a high ponytail She certainly showed her class and elegance with this look that was admired by many, they assured that she looked divine.