Bases To Fall In Love With The Man Who Just Wants To Play With You

Bases To Fall In Love With The Man Who Just Wants To Play With You

Amanda Merbu is a specialist in therapy relationships, she is a couples counselor and explains step by step how to make this man fall in love who only wants to play with you

If you have realized that this man only wants to play with you, the best advice is that you intelligently withdraw in time, it is not worth it, but if what you want is that this player with manipulations falls in love with you, then the expert in Relationships Amanda Merbu gives you the basis for that man to fall totally in love with you.

Merbu explains that when a person plays with your feelings, and there is a clear power of this person over you, this person has no problem for NOT betting on sincerity, even if you are showing authentic reactions, you will be at a disadvantage with this person who he just wants to play with you.

In a relationship where it is the woman who gives the most, gives too much in the relationship, in short, she is the one who suffers the most, but if you take into account the following recommendations and act intelligently, the results will be more in your favor.

Bases to fall in love with the man who only wants to play with you. Photo: Pexels

The expert says that when you meet a dominant man who only wants to play with you, the first thing you should do is control your emotions, that is, do not show that his actions hurt you, show yourself as he shows himself, unconcerned about the relationship.

Also mention that the fact that you give sincerity places you at a disadvantage that is why you must forget about the idea that this man will change. Merbu is very sincere in saying that one of the goals of her video is that you desidealize that couple.

In other words, stop thinking that this man really loves you, when you realize that he only wants to play with you, then you can play with him too. That you have to be clear that it is a unilateral deal that you know that this is not the one who suits you in your life.

It’s playing-playing, you like it and that’s it, you have a good time, but if you fall madly in love then you suffer, you cry, you get frustrated because you get excited, but he wants something other than a stable relationship.

The womanizer will conquer you, he will do everything to have you, but once he does he will look for another, then here you have a tremendous advantage, it is better to make him feel that he does not have you in his clutches, in this way he will try even more, and the more you lengthen the time, the better the result will be that he can fall in love with you.