Bronco Tells What Happened With Frida Sofía And Chiquis

Bronco Tells What Happened With Frida Sofía And Chiquis

Lupe Esparza de Bronco tells about all the problem that happened with Frida Sofía and Chiquis Rivera

Lupe Esparza de Bronco breaks the silence around the scandal that Frida Sofía and Chiquis Rivera starred in. He says that he and his companions went to have coffee and it was there that Frida Sofía had her back turned and she began to caress his hair. That in the end they did not sell coffee, only beer.

Lupe expresses that she did it because she could not locate him and that at first she confused him, things changed when Lupe told her that she was confusing him, she was rude and that was when Chiquis Rivera came out to defend him.

“We went to have a coffee and, when we arrived, on the back was this girl (Frida Sofía) whom I didn’t really recognize at the time. And he starts to touch my hair and I turn around in surprise and say ‘well, who is touching my hair’ and he asks me about a blue braid that I had. I said "hey I think you are confusing me because I think I am not the one you are referring to."

Lupe Esparza breaks the silence. Photo: Pixabay

Faced with this clarification, Frida Sofía: "Surely I did get confused"

Lupe continued explaining: "I said Don’t worry and I already went back to my seat without giving any importance to detail." Bronco has nearly 40 years of artistic career, but that was not enough for Frida Sofía not to identify the leader of the group Lupe Esparza .

It was through the Ventaneando program that I agreed to talk about what happened that day and Lupe was very emphatic in saying that at first he did not know who the young woman who approached him was, until his colleagues told him that she was Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter. .

At that moment he turned to offer an apology, because he considers him to be a gentleman, but far from things calming down, Frida began to insult him and yelled things at him that Lupe did not understand.

"When I found out that it was Frida Sofía I returned (sic) to apologize to her to say ‘sorry Frida I did not recognize you’ although I do not know much about the story of this girl I wanted to be a gentleman with her and she began to answer me as well as shouting ‘that is how you treat to people who approach you ‘, but I didn’t even know what he was talking about. Obviously it was in very rare condition. "

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It was then that Chiquis Rivera appeared and defended him, explaining to Frida that Lupe Esparsa was a legend in the group genre.

“I do not want to speak ill of this girl, but I think she (was) saying inconsistencies that I did not understand and what this girl did not know is that I was close to my personal safety, my golden Chiquis. I didn’t even know that Chiquis was there (…) I wasn’t going to talk to her, argue with her and that’s why I went to my seat, ”he also said that he wasn’t going to put himself there like a chacha arguing.

By way of context, this whole problem took place during the 20th anniversary of the radio awards.

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