Can crying in the car cause you to lose weight?

Can crying in the car cause you to lose weight?

According to Dr. Pete Sulack, crying in the car is something private that frees you emotionally and psychologically, which makes you lose weight.

When it comes to losing weight, any method is allowed, however one has just attracted a lot of attention since it ensures that crying in the car can make you lose weight.

It is said that in general, crying can help you lose weight, however doing it inside a car is something more private that will prevent you from being embarrassed in case someone is watching you.

Noticieros Televisa reported that according to the expert that the publication was given the task of interviewing, "besides being a good psychological emotional release and a way to deal with intense emotion. Crying is also good for reducing stress levels in the body, said the famous Dr. Pete Sulack, stress expert and founder of an empire of wellness clinics in North America.

They claim that crying in the car can make you lose weight. Photo: Pexels

According to his testimony, the expert points out that tears contain a number of hormones such as cortisol that, in addition to causing stressful sensations such as panic and tension, are also responsible for storing that abdominal fat that people hate so much and have problems to lose.

It is said that by reducing cortisol levels (by crying), people thereby lose weight. But this is not the only benefit of crying and it is not explained exactly how effective crying can be in weight loss. In fact, few studies have been done in this regard.

In fact, this biological phenomenon has little to do with cars, this means of transport that has become a very popular place for thousands of people to escape from their problems and relax. An article in The Washington Post attributes the high numbers of people crying in their cars to the environment they provide, the music and their privacy.

Finally, it was also mentioned that crying helps to lose hormones, and if it can be carried out in a quiet place where a person can feel safe, much better.

By crying we release the stress hormone. Photo: Pexels

However, this method cannot become an alternative to try to shed excess pounds, since while it is true that it helps to de-stress and lose some weight, constant crying can also signal emotional problems.