From Movie, Millionaires Build Bunkers In New Zealand

From Movie, Millionaires Build Bunkers In New Zealand

Covid? Climate change? Wars? No problem, a bunker can be the solution, however, it is not for everyone; millionaires are already figuring out how to protect themselves from a catastrophe

For a millionaire, there is nothing that money cannot solve, and in the face of rumors that New Zealand will be one of the countries least affected by the global ecological crisis, the founders of PayPal, Facebook and other billionaire investors from Silicon Valley, have decided to bet on this site in their future plans.

Building a bunker is essential to keep them safe in the midst of catastrophe, but what is a bunker? the bunker is a construction made of iron and concrete that serves to protect himself from the bombardments in wars, something that Hitler used when he felt that he no longer had an escape, so hidden in one of these types of underground safe was that he locked himself together with his wife and children, and this same scenario could be repeated in New Zealand with the intention of protecting itself from the global climate crisis.

For his part, the founder of PayPal began with his plan to buy the land in the Austral country in 2011, however, he believes that he should accelerate the process to spend his next years locked up, because according to his omens, nothing good awaits us in the not so distant future.

It should be noted that this does not come with plans for war and slaughter between people, but from taking care of the weather conditions caused by the same people, in short, it is taking care of the same thing that we are causing.

We are talking about aggressive changes in temperature, forest fires that are increasingly voracious, excessive loss of biological diversity and much more, of which, even bunkers will not be enough to be safe underground, but so far it is the best thing to do. they can do.

For now, Zuckerberg has already secured his place, as well as other entrepreneurs, and Jeff Bezos also joins the line of those who are in search of immortality, so as we can well appreciate, money rules, and at the same time As with Covid19, those who suffer the most and those who have the least hope of survival are the poor.