Érika Buenfil From Romantic With King Grupero Boyfriend By Cynthia Klitbo

Érika Buenfil From Romantic With King Grupero Boyfriend By Cynthia Klitbo

A compromising video circulates on social networks where Erika Buenfil is seen enjoying a delicious meal in the company of Cynthia Klitbo’s boyfriend and they almost kiss

Cynthia Klitbo’s boyfriend took advantage of the absence of his girlfriend Cynthia Klitbo to go to eat with the queen of tik tok Erika Buenfil, they did not know how, but suddenly they were eating spaghetti and almost kissing, this generated reactions. What is it about?.

It turns out that the empowered Cynthia Klitbo went to Peru for a few days to finish an acting job and had to separate for a few days from her sentimental partner "Rey Grupero", in fact there are some scenes recorded at the airport when they both cried for the farewell.

Once Cynthia Klitbo left, the grupero king and Erika Buenfil took the opportunity to record a video where she reminded him that he had to behave well, the truth is that more than courage, this video has made millions of followers laugh with the that has Buenfil.

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Érika Buenfil in a romantic relationship with King Grupero, Cynthia Klitbo’s boyfriend. Photo: Instagram

The queen of tik tok and the rump king took the time to record a video where it is seen that they eat spaghetti and it seems that they were going to kiss when suddenly the actress says to the rump king "Oh no, Klitbo hits me, behave well".

A very comical scene and well accepted by the users who immediately reacted to the comic moment of these two celebrity characters, after warning the grupero king that he behaves well, Buenfil continued saying "How daring".

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And then he pulled her hair. The grupero king uploaded the video on his Instagram social network and wrote: "That’s why we’d better go for a hamburger from @sonoraprime, right @ erikabuenfil50 hahaha my wife @laklitbocynthia will get mad."

There is no doubt that there is a lot of trust between this trio where friendship reigns, they have a common goal which is to amuse their followers through their occurrences as influencers on social networks.

The video already has more than 80 thousand likes and it is expected that they will do more things together for the audience and the entertainment.