Ghost Girl Caught Playing In The Graveyard, Video

Ghost Girl Caught Playing In The Graveyard, Video

The girl’s mother recognized her in the video from the cemetery camera, so she told her story through Facebook

Ghost videos have been very common over the years, but it should also be noted that there are different types of videos, some cause chills and others go unnoticed. But this one is very special since a ghost girl was caught playing inside a cemetery.

The video in which a ghost girl can be seen playing near a grave in the cemetery has gone viral and has caused much fear among those who have seen it.

In this recording and of very good quality, it can be perfectly observed how a girl walks around a grave where she starts to play and then disappears.

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The video went viral and has caused chills. Photo: Facebook

The events occurred in New Mexico, United States where a mother of a deceased person decided to place security cameras to monitor those who vandalized her son’s grave. But what the cameras caught was surprising.

The mother of the deceased person whose grave was allegedly vandalized during the nights, decided to place a camera in a tree in the direction of the grave to find the people guilty of the damage, but her surprise was greater.

In the video captured by the camera, you can see how a girl approaches the grave and begins to play around it, and then disappears. The images leave anyone frozen with fear.

"It has been difficult for me to share this with everyone because for one my situation with my daughter is already sensitive for me and secondly each one has their own beliefs but all I can do if they share mine with everyone". Wrote the mother of the deceased minor.

It’s taken a lot for me to share this with everyone because for one my situation with my daughter is already sensitive …

Posted by Saundra Gonzales on Saturday, August 8, 2020

After having released the video, the person who placed the camera decided to make it known, but to his surprise the cemetery guards who were able to see the video revealed the identity of the minor and even explained the cause of her death.

According to what was released, the minor’s name was Faviola and she lost her life in 2017 according to what was expressed by the mother of the little girl who had access to the videos and immediately shared them on her personal Facebook account where they have been made viral along with the words he wrote to his little girl.

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