Gomita Already Lives Alone, Shows Her Luxurious Home

Gomita Already Lives Alone, Shows Her Luxurious Home

Gomita uncovers her great secret, now she lives alone and proves it with a video that has moved her fans for the courage to live alone and independently in a luxurious house that excites her parents

Ever since Gomita’s mother played a joke on her telling her that it was time for her to move out of her house, to think about buying one and to stop spending on things she didn’t even need, at that moment Gomita cried and apologized to her mom, but then they told her it was just a joke. Now the best-known clown on television shows off her luxurious residence.

Through his YouTube channel Gomita gave a tour of his new house, now he feels more than happy to fulfill one more dream in his life, this is special because he mentions that it has been a decision for which he fought for many years.

The work and effort that Gomita has made has paid off and now she has bought her own house, she is an independent woman, "I used to tell her my father, I want to go live alone now." And apparently his wish has been fulfilled.

Gomita explained that for a long time her father told her to invest in a house and not in trips, that these were not going to be of any use to them: But she defends herself saying that the trips are so that they do not cajole her, telling her that she will take her to travel the world.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you asked for it, you demanded it, I left my house and you are in my new home." Gomita, who had always lived with her parents, is now an independent woman.

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Gomita’s cry of joy will never be forgotten because he not only presented his house, he also took the opportunity to make a joke on his father who attended to support him to put up a television, but it turns out that the TV falls, and is destroyed, Mr. sorry, but the reality is that everything was planned by Gomita.

In the end it was all laughter and emotions, her father dedicated a few words to her: "I’m very glad that you already have your house and when your mother runs off I can come here." Gomita told him that he was fine, but that smoking is not allowed in his house.

While his mother told him: That is not fired, I did not run, do not say that. I like that you are independent, that you fix your things, that people see that if you worry about your future, I congratulate you on your new home, I am glad that you are already alone. "