Photo Of Sad Puppy For Being In Quarantine Falls In Love With The Networks

Photo Of Sad Puppy For Being In Quarantine Falls In Love With The Networks

An English bulldog has earned the sympathy and love of all Internet users by showing his sadness at social isolation

The confinement is causing many people to be invaded by negative feelings, and not only humans but also pets, and proof of this is a puppy that cannot help but be sad in the face of social isolation.

The photograph of a sad puppy for not being able to go out has gone viral on social networks. It is about Big Poppa, a three-year-old English bulldog who lives the confinement at home with Rashida Ellis in Atlanta, United States and who was captured by the woman while she is observing the exterior of her building in a melancholic way.

Sharing the cute picture of the sad dog on Twitter, Rashida did not hesitate to write.

Big Poppa has been sad today, I think he misses playing with the children in the building. Just the myrrh from the yard

Apart from that he expressed what the animal feels at the moment.

All I want to do is play with the kids in my building, but due to Covid-19 … I can’t just watch them from the yard. Flatten the curve please

As expected, said publication already has more than 700 thousand reactions on Twitter and has caused countless comments where users commit to "fight for Big Poppa to see him smile once more." in fact it managed to move important personalities like Ellen DeGeneres and Maisie William from Game of Thrones.

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, Rashida, Big Poppa’s faithful companion, expressed that the photograph is too moving, since ‘we can all relate to that moment’.

We can’t do the things we used to do, we can’t hang out with our friends. I think it turned out to be this dog, and not only is he so sad and cute, and you want everything to change for him, but also to change for you, because we are all in this situation

Like many, the life of Rashida who is dedicated to costume design and Big Poppa has changed radically due to the coronavirus, since the pandemic has caused many television shows and films to stop being produced, so his work like thousands of people in the world is slow, which is why he has been creating clothes at home to sell online.

The woman confessed that the adorable puppy has felt very lonely during quarantine, since despite the fact that she is at home, she cannot go out to play with people as she normally does.

When he’s inside, he just goes out into the yard looking for people. He is sleeping more. It is a little slow. I can tell that he is not happy and excited as he usually is. He’s probably more tired of me just playing with him