How To Act If Your Partner Doesn’t Talk To You After An Argument

How To Act If Your Partner Doesn't Talk To You After An Argument

Trying to improve communication with your partner is the best way to end the "law of ice" after a fight.

If you thought that the perfect relationships are those in which an argument is never presented, you are in error, since they all have them, remember that they are the union of two people who think differently. So it doesn’t hurt to know how to act if your partner doesn’t talk to you after an argument.

The way in which you resolve any conflict that arises says a lot about the love you have between you, therefore you should know how to act if your partner does not speak to you after an argument.

Remember that honest dialogue is the best way to achieve a reconciliation and above all to end the negative things that had occurred in the relationship. Negotiating is the solution.

What to do if your partner walks away after a fight. Photo: Pexels

Regardless of the reason for the discussion, you must know how to handle the situation and avoid making it worse, which in most cases is usually a difficult task. But you must also understand that all experiences with previous partners tend to influence a lot when it comes to making decisions quickly.

There is a possibility that your partner will get angry, and stop talking to you for a while, applying the so famous and by many dreaded law of ice. In fact, En Pareja is going to mention some attitudes that you can take, to avoid worsening or in the worst case ending the relationship:

Try not to respond with the same behavior, since this will only make the conflict worse and deteriorate the relationship.

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself why the problem started, and what could have caused such great annoyance in your partner.

In case you are responsible for the fight, accept your guilt with courage and try to repair the damage caused.

Try by all means to approach your partner in a positive way and try to make him see that the lack of communication is causing suffering for both of you.

Many people choose the law of ice after a dispute. Photo: Pexels

Remember that you must respect each other, but the most important person will always be you. If the behavior continues despite all your attempts to fix it, it will be necessary to apply limits to what they are not willing to tolerate so that with this they can improve coexistence.

You should also do your best to walk away in case you feel like the relationship is going nowhere. Prevent your relationship from becoming toxic.

In case the situation causes you a lot of suffering and you think that it is something that you cannot overcome alone, it will be important that you go to couples or individual therapies. With this you can strengthen your communication skills, intimacy chemistry and emotion management.