What to do when my partner mistreats me

What to do when my partner mistreats me

We tell you what to do when your partner mistreats you, you should not allow violence to normalize in your relationship. Take action!

Let’s make the following very clear: having a partner is not an obligation. Starting from this, we can deduce that having a partner is a choice , a choice that is aimed at sharing life so that it improves. It cannot be any other way.

Unfortunately, the reality is different. There are countless romantic relationships in which partner abuse is permeated in daily life, and this ranges from teasing to truly serious cases, which include verbal, psychological or physical violence.

The abuse in the couple is a very serious matter, because it causes feelings that are not forgotten with the passage of time.

Here we share this story in which the police rescued a woman from the unspeakable mistreatment of her partner so that you are aware of the seriousness of this situation.

Here we will tell you what to do if your partner mistreats you Photo: Freepik

It is true that, in a moment of anger, yelling and insults can appear, but you have to pay more attention when they begin to become a habitual behavior, in any case, it is important to know what to do when your partner abuses you.

Here we tell you what to do if your partner abuses:

Do not allow violence in your relationship Photo: Freepik

1. Stay calm

As far as possible, don’t be angry anymore

This is not synonymous with remaining impassive in the face of aggression, but rather a way of not encouraging it.

2. Respond without violence

You can defend yourself without throwing a plate in his face, even if you don’t want to. Try something like: "You are very angry, I understand, but it will be better to talk later."

3. Take distance

Separate yourself from your partner for a few hours, you can go for a walk or do any activity that distracts your attention from the problem.

If abuse is a recurring action, the best thing to do is thinking about separating yourself from that partner permanently, because in the long term you will only hurt yourself.

4. Evaluate

Nothing justifies your partner mistreating you, but once you are calm, meditate on the problem as coldly as possible and decide if this way of relating is what you want or need.

5. Seek help

Stay close to your family and friends, you never know when abuse could escalate to worrying levels. You should also evaluate going to individual or couples therapy to address the situation, many official institutions offer it.

6.Put a limit

The worst thing you can do is let the abuse continue, so put a stop to your partner and get up your courage! If you find it difficult, you can file a complaint with the competent authorities, the important thing in this case is that you do not be afraid.

In turn, you must assume that this will probably mean the end of their relationship, but believe me, anything is better than living a violent relationship.

Here we tell you how to stop your partner’s offenses. Take note!

Make a decision, things can’t go on like this. Photo: Freepik

It is not easy to make decisions about our deepest and most beloved relationships, and after an insult that is not forgotten, they are marked, however, there is a solution and it consists of improving communication so as not to reach the most hostile limits in an argument.