How To Fall In Love With A Man With Whom You Already Had Intimacy

How To Fall In Love With A Man With Whom You Already Had Intimacy

When you plan to get into a serious and formal relationship, the first thing you try to avoid is intimate relationships, because in most cases they can spoil everything.

If love is complicated, nowadays it has become even more difficult, the causes can be many, because today many men and also women seek a relationship where there is no commitment or open relationships, which means a real headache. When one of the two disagrees, however, it is possible to fall in love with a man with whom you were already intimate.

They say that women have many secret weapons to make that man who interests them stay with them, however, there are many intelligent men who are clear about their position regarding the relationship they maintain, and for more nights of intimacy they have With the woman they are dating it seems that they do not fall in love, otherwise, the girl is the one who generally develops a feeling that goes beyond intimacy.

If you have decided to risk everything for everything and make that man fall in love despite the fact that they have already had intimacy without commitments, then it is time to put into practice certain tips that will help you achieve your goal, of course the easiest thing would be look for another man who wants the same thing as you, but since they say that there is no worse fight than the one that is not done, then let’s get to work.

Mentally seduce him: The easiest way to mentally seduce him is with intelligent conversations, in addition to offering the fair and necessary personal information in order to provoke mystery, it is also very important to project confidence in yourself without neglecting the physical aspect, so Show yourself sensual, feminine and flirtatious, take care of your hair, your nails, your clothes and your body in general.

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Zero pressure: Remember the phrase that says that "Men are afraid of commitment", if at this point you already feel that you want that man with you then the best way to do it is to act as natural as possible, a good tip is to make him believe that You are also looking for a single night of intimacy, but making it clear that you are not an easy woman for that and that every time she needs company you will be available, with this she will seek to chase you and you will love that she does it.

Do not demand anything from him: Demanding time from him, answering your calls, messages or spying on him all the time on his social networks, the only thing he will do is ruin the passionate relationship, we must remember that there is nothing that scares more to a man who feels watched, trapped, harassed, controlled, etc., on the contrary, make him believe that he is the one who sets the times.

Do not invade, keep your distance: One way to mark distance is if you ever reject an invitation to go out or refuse to be intimate, show him that if he wants to continue enjoying his privileges he is going to have to win them, of course here is how to play a coin in the air, because he may not look for you again or, on the contrary, he may be interested in knowing you more thoroughly or in the best of cases proposing a formal relationship.

Never lose sight of the fact that men live on emotions, on adrenaline, on challenges, so give them their space, love them, reject them, show interest in their things, be positive, happy, but above all, be yourself and enjoy this stage of conquest that can mean the best of their lives.