How To Handle A Man

How To Handle A Man

There are different ways to manipulate men to do what you want

Men always have a weak point, despite the strong temperament that they can naturally display. Reason why it is possible to manipulate them.

Manipulating a man is possible once a weakness is found, the same one that everyone has. How to manipulate them has been one of the questions that many women ask themselves, but also men.

There are a number of ways a man can be manipulated . Some of them are very similar since they are usually their weak points.

Men are manipulated for different purposes. Photo: pixabay

All people are manipulable in one way or another. But the difference lies in the purpose for which they want to be manipulated or manipulated. However, men share certain characteristics, or rather weaknesses, that make them fall at the feet of women once they find how to manipulate them. Here are some of the techniques with which they fall faster and yield to manipulation.

Give little

Men feel a special attraction when it comes to women who do not give in to their conquest. When they show a trace of being delighted with their company but do it once and again, it is a way of making men satisfied with the response of the woman they want to conquer but at the same time they will always want more. Giving little attention, and every once in a while, is one of the best ways to get men to give in to whatever, or to manipulation.

Too sweet

Paradise for men is when a woman shows him the love she has for him and all the attention possible for him. When they feel loved at all times and with great intensity, men usually do what that woman wants, due to the large proportion of love that they show him at all times. This is certainly a weakness of men that causes them to be manipulated.


Although it is not recommended for anything or anyone, many people, and women towards men, use it as the most manipulative measure par excellence. Threatening or giving indications of ending when men do not want to fulfill this or that whim or fix the situation, makes them, in order not to lose the woman they love, to give in to what they ask of them as long as it does not end. the relationship or what they have come to have. It is undoubtedly too malicious a measure but it is still used to manipulate men, since it does not leave them without a way out, unless they are strong enough of conscience.

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