How to stop loving?

How to stop loving?

There are loves that do not let us move forward, people who have marked our life and you wish you weren’t so vulnerable to find someone else

You know, when to stop loving ? Love is something fundamental in people, we get this from when we are little by our parents and it is transformed little by little until we come to love a couple, the problem is that there are relationships that end, they hurt and the only solution is to leave to love but how do we do it .

Each relationship we go through is an episode that marks our life, feelings are involved in it and it is that very thing that does not allow us to love someone else, how can we stop loving ? It is not in itself what all people ask for since each one acts in a different way when involved in a love affair.

But, if what you want is to forget, leave behind and continue with your life, here are some tips that can help you stop loving those who do not leave your mind and heart.

Why is it healthy to leave behind someone who did not know how to love you? Photo: Pixabay

What you are going to do is a radical change , you cannot continue doing the same trying to obtain other results, even if you do not believe it, making changes in your wardrobe, your look, organizing spaces, helps a lot in your self-esteem and in attracting positive energies .

It is also good to change friends and leave everything behind , we honestly know that there are friends that are only for the moment, partying and that they do not leave us anything and if by being with them they lead you to meet this person that you want to forget and you remember it’s better to say goodbye.

Nipping in the bud is eliminating all the traces you have of that person, there is a considerable time to accept the situation but if it is healthy to leave their life, from social networks, get rid of photos, gifts and although it seems very dramatic it is necessary and more If every time you get out of him or her you get sentimental, life is only one and everyone is the pilot of it.

Yes, it will help you a lot to remember the bad things that happened together and that perhaps was what caused them to separate, you know more than anything what you want in a couple, analyze the failures you had, that will help you forget and know why is not or should be with you. In fact, maybe who you want to forget is an impossible love, these tips can also help you.

We tend to be a bit vulnerable in these situations and sometimes when one still continues to love, perhaps this will make the other person return and one thinks that he did it because he has reconsidered and sometimes it is not like that, if he said not to love you, if something happened that you are not willing To forgive, so that again unless you are not sure of your decisions, avoid rebound relationships this means that you can fall into another relationship of someone similar to whom you have left by having those gestures that you miss from the other person.