Lady Di And Her Folly With William And Harry

Lady Di And Her Folly With William And Harry

She broke many protocols just to see her children’s smile, Lady Di deeply loved her children William and Harry

22 years ago one of the most prominent women in the British royal family left, Lady Di managed to steal the hearts of thousands of people for her simplicity and that fun mother who was with her children Harry and William.

Diana Frances Spencer was born into an aristocratic family and married at the age of 20 with the heir to the crown, Prince Charles, who would procreate their two children, being the most important for the princess.

As we saw it and history marks it, Diana was not a ‘normal’ princess, this indicates that she always imposed her ideas and despite everything that happened around her, she lived with William and Harry countless follies that proved it.

Lady Di and her crazy things with William and Harry. Photo: AP

The protocols is something that distinguishes the family from high society and more in matters of kings, Lady Di was a mother before anything else, so her instinct made her break them, although many times she caused attention calls for staining the surname.

The children were his weakness and not only his, they enjoyed seeing, caressing and holding them, in Africa he did a lot of social work which even his son Harry now with his wife Meghan Markle follow in his name, there they had their first tour as a family with his son Archie.

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When William was little, at his school they did activities in which he wanted to see his parents present, on one occasion there was a career that he knew not to be present and he was a little sad when he found out Lady Di did not hesitate to take off her shoes and go to the exit earning the same.

This despite being dressed in a long skirt and after being warned to refrain from doing any out-of-protocol activity, among her other follies was getting on rides without caring about anything, just having fun.

As they say, the rules were made to be broken and, without a doubt, struggles of great things come after fear, taking the first step is difficult, as when she decided to divorce her husband in the face of “what will they say” not only about the family but the whole world.

Then she lived her life somewhat free although it ended at the age of 36, yet she left a great legacy by having been a transparent woman, following her ideals and being an exemplary mother who always saw for her good, Meghan Markle says. very similar in attitude with her before protocols.

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