I knew he was unfaithful but fear prevented me from leaving him

I knew he was unfaithful but fear prevented me from leaving him

The fear of losing a partner makes many women, upon discovering an infidelity, prefer to remain silent

Women in the world find themselves in this situation, they know that they have a partner who cheats on them, which is not the first or second time, but they do not leave him for fear of losing him, to be left alone, the fear of loneliness makes them endure infidelities.

Since you met me, you already knew how I am, my husband told me, whenever I complained to him when I saw him flirting with other women in front of me. Sometimes I wanted to leave him forever, but then I would think of my children, of me, in that loneliness that I did not want to live.

A woman with fear can keep many things silent. Photo: Pixabay

I think my fear comes from when I was little, when my father abandoned us, I saw my mother gradually waste away, until she became so thin that family members had to intervene to help her get out of that strong depression.

I have been reading some articles, and I believe that I have not broken those chains, my profile of couples was always dominant, I had to feel dominated for me to feel sheltered by someone, to feel that someone cared.

But I confused many things that became toxic in my marriage, at first he told me that he loved me, but sometimes he would disappear and when I complained to him, he immediately gave me things, such as flowers, dolls or apology cards.

He cheated on me 7 times, and each one was a suffering , and I kept quiet for fear that he would leave me, fear of not being able to go out alone with my children.

I accepted that and much more, it was more comfortable for me than accepting that I was falling into codependency, I always had scenes in my mind where my husband changed, where he lived a life without infidelity on his part.

I got tired of hearing "Since you met me you already knew how I am", I hate that phrase, although now I work on my codependency problem and on closing circles since my childhood, my psychologist told me to write my life, as I see it in these moments.

The main message of this letter is that women see themselves reflected in it and seek help to have the courage to leave that person who does not deserve a tear from you. Free yourselves from your executioner and be happy.