Jenni Rivera Would Be Happy With Her Daughter Jacqie’s Pregnancy

Jenni Rivera Would Be Happy With Her Daughter Jacqie's Pregnancy

She was the one who made her a grandmother for the first time, now Jenni Rivera’s daughter Jacqie is five months pregnant

It will be seven years since the singer Jenni Rivera left this world after an accident, left five children who have continued with their lives and now Jacqie would be one of her daughters who would be pregnant.

As Jenni Rivera’s grandmother was very pampering, Jaylah Hope was the light in her eyes as Jacqie Rivera’s eldest daughter, so we do not doubt with this new pregnancy she would have been very happy.

Jenni’s daughter is in the fifth month of pregnancy and she boasts it on social networks where she looks very pretty, remembering that for some time her anatomy has changed a lot, she has adopted new eating and exercise habits.

Jenni Rivera would be happy with the pregnancy of her daughter Jacqie. Photo: Instagram

Jacqie Rivera was married from 2012 to 2017 with Mike Campos, announced her divorce in that year and that was when she began her makeover transformation, mainly dedicating herself and her self-love.

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Proud of where you’ve been, where you’re at and where you’re going! I love you sister

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The surprise of her pregnancy was in August of this year when she announced that she had reconciled with her partner from whom the divorce proceedings were never concluded, so she would officially remain married to him.

Suddenly, you just know that it’s time to start over and trust the process and the magic of new beginnings, he wrote on instagram in a photo of the two as a couple.

The 30-year-old is enjoying this stage to the fullest, she is a woman very close to her brothers and recently expressed her love and support to her sister Chiquis Rivera who thanked the gesture after the photo of the two published.

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And suddenly you just know its time to start over again and trust the process and magic of new beginnings.

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Little Jaylah Hope appears on social networks as a funny girl, and of course excited waiting for her life partner who so far have not confirmed if it will be a boy or a girl what Jenni Rivera’s daughter expects.

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