Lady Di And Her Makeup Tricks To Look Younger And Radiant

Lady Di And Her Makeup Tricks To Look Younger And Radiant

Diana of Wales was a very elegant woman and she always looked phenomenal in every event that was presented, she also had her beauty secrets.

Beauty and charisma were undeniable characteristics of the mother of princes William and Harry, but Lady Di also had makeup tricks to look younger and more radiant, these have been revealed, take note.

She always showed charm and fell in love with more than one, she knew what and how to wear, but also, how to impress, know Lady Di’s makeup tricks to look younger and more radiant , they will surely help you to implement them.

A woman who captivated and imposed fashion, that’s why she stood out from the crowd, know and learn Lady Di’s makeup tricks to look younger and more radiant , the results are charming and they will surely also serve you well.

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Lady di
Lady Di and her makeup tricks to look younger and more radiant. Photo: EFE.

What distinguished the Princess of Wales was that elegance that always accompanied her, her good dress taste and her discreet makeup that was the perfect touch to show off her beauty, but you can also have those secrets.

These Lady Di makeup tricks were revealed by her own makeup artist Mary Greenwell, so take note and do not hesitate to put them into practice, they will also work for you and you will look like a real princess.

Apply balm

One of the most important tricks that Lady Di used was to apply balm before applying lipstick, thus taking care of her lips and also keeping them hydrated, something that you should not forget when you put on makeup.

No to blue eyeliner

Princess Diana said that blue eyeliner always made women look older than they really were, so you can avoid this tone on your face, although if you think it suits you, then use it.

Skin care

Skin care is vital to look radiant, so don’t forget your anti wrinkle creams and keep your face hydrated to achieve a natural makeup without exaggeration, you don’t need kilos of makeup.

Perfect lashes

Lady Di took great care of her eyelashes, it was one of the parts of her face that she paid the most attention to, she said that two layers of mascara was enough to make them stand out, but she also made sure not to leave clumps.

With these beauty tricks, you can look like a real princess, remember that Lady Di does not need large layers of makeup to look incredible and elegant, she managed to attract attention for her natural touch.