This is how Erika Buenfil looked when she was young in a miniskirt and braids

This is how Erika Buenfil looked when she was young in a miniskirt and braids

The queen of TikTok and the darling of soap operas, made a super tbt where she showed how beautiful and flirtatious she was in her young days with a little skirt.

Lately we have seen a very elegant from Monterrey, with long dresses full of shine and with a lot of glamor at every step she takes, thus standing out everywhere where she is presented, whether it is a social event such as a wedding or a yellow carpet as in the awards. Eliot Awards 2021, but that’s how Erika Buenfil looked when she was young in a pleated miniskirt with braids , what a great change!

Although her demeanor and finesse has always highlighted her and they have been attributes that have accompanied her over the years, time has made great changes in her image and even in her way of dressing, this is how Erika Buenfil looked when she was young in a miniskirt Pleated and with braids, she showed off her before and after, many filled her with flowers because of how good she looked.

Erika Buenfil has established herself as one of the greatest actresses of Mexican melodramas, thanks to her talent and in countless projects that support her career, she has a special place in the hearts of the public, but she is also known for that distinction that she has when dress, your clothes are well cared for depending on the event you attend.

Erika Buenfil
This is how Érika Buenfil looked when she was young in a pleated miniskirt with braids. Photo: Instagram.

At 57 years of age, the protagonist of "Amores Verdaderos" does not stop shining and from her sea success to her career, she continues to triumph in soap operas and incidentally gaining ground on social networks as tiktoker, she knows very well the saying of "renew or die", that is why it remains in force in the public’s taste and even new generations locate it.

Erika Buenfil’s style has always been distinguished, a classy woman who knows how to dress and what to wear for each gala she attends, as well as does not lose the glamor in her day to day life, but recently the actress opened the trunk of her memories to show off that although she remains beautiful, in her youth she was even more spectacular.

With a super Throwback Thursday, the actress shared a pic where she is seen many years younger, in her young days showing shapely legs with a pleated miniskirt, at the waist, yellow and patterned, combining it with a white shirt with sleeves short and completely buttoned, a simple look, but without losing its flirtatious touch.

In the image she comes out with her blonde hair that is lost in the sun’s rays, combed with two braids and with abundant bangs on her forehead, with a big smile and with a racket and a ball in her hands, like a great athlete , showing that with several years younger she was a top model, very pretty and charismatic who stole flattery.

With a look very similar to that of the photograph, it is how Erika Buenfil could be appreciated in 1996, when she starred in the telenovela "Marisol" with Eduardo Santamarina, but her fans pointed out that this snapshot was taken long before this shoot, so They bet he was around 25 years old there.

Let us remember that Erika Buenfil has been in the spotlight since she was 14 years old, as she participated in the telenovela "Acompáñame" in 1977, from there the doors opened thanks to her beauty, talent, professionalism and charisma, the same characteristics that she has today. today, at the peak of success.