Letter From A Single Mother With Newborn Baby

Letter From A Single Mother With Newborn Baby

"No, No, I have not been alone this May 10, I am not the single mother who cries in the corners because the father of my son did not want to know about us"

I gave myself for love and that does not make me a WHORE , or anything immoral.What’s wrong with believing in love? The problem is that you know what you feel, but you never know what you are going through. mind of that man that you have between your legs.

"You already have a mob, and everything to spread the legs of any asshole," my mother told me, and her words echoed in my aunts and the gossiping neighbors. Yes! I opened my legs to a man I fell in love with, I can say that I did my son with a lot of love. I am a single mom and I have no regrets.

Your life is over, now it will be heavier! And? Is living a life in your womb not a risk anymore? Thousands of women in the world die in childbirth giving life. to give mine to raise and educate my son ?.

I’m not crying, I loved a man who as soon as he found out I was pregnant, he walked away. yell "Fucking failure."

Although now men see me as a prey because according to most of them, I have lost value in society and I am no longer the same as other women, I am going to come forward and I am going to face every criticism, I will look them in the eye, never with the forehead down.

I don’t think so, I believe that now my life path is different , that there are chains that I must break, and that although I was wrong, I assume my responsibility. I am sorry and saddened that they believe that a single woman is worth less than another woman.

I am proud to be a single mother, I have assumed my responsibility and I have a lot of love for my baby.

It is worth saying behind my back:

  • "Because she was so horny, she came out paunchy"
  • "Who knows who will be the common people he has"
  • "Let’s see if they don’t string another child on this one."
  • "No one is going to love her anymore because she has already failed.

I thank my friends who have supported me in this new journey of my life as a new mother.