Priscila, Daredevil’s Wife Posts Photo And Is Rained By Claims

Priscila, Daredevil's Wife Posts Photo And Is Rained By Claims

Gustavo Ángel’s wife shared a beautiful image on her social networks where she appears dressed as a wedding

Although she is away from the stage, not from her social networks and her latest publication has become the sensation of all users, Priscila Ángel shared a photograph of almost 18 years ago, where she can be seen in an elegant wedding dress hugging her husband Gustavo Angel.

In most of her posts on Instagram, Priscila has caused everyone’s amazement thanks to all the beautiful moments she shares, where she appears next to her family. Thanks to this, all the fans of El Temerario’s wife have mentioned that her family is exemplary and worthy of admiration.

And as if this were not enough, the former member of ‘Priscila y sus balas de plata’ took advantage of her famous Instagram account to publish an image where she is seen wearing a wedding dress. This garment was white, quite wide at the bottom and with a wedding veil that covered a large part of her back while she saw her husband happy, who wears an elegant groom suit.

To accompany such a beautiful photo, Priscila remembered how that beautiful moment was.

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Our first dance as husband and wife … and to think that in December it will be 18 years (of marriage). How many years have you already been married?

As expected, the more than 10,000 followers gave it ‘Like’ and as many others did not hesitate to be present in the comments section. Among them, the wife of Marco Antonio Solís ‘El Buki’, who wished him well.

My beautiful godchildren. God bless you

Also many fans, in fact one envied her for having stayed with the leading man Gustavo Ángel.

You took the man of our lives. Take care of him and may 18 more years come with him. Congratulations on your great love

Congratulations to both of you and may it be many more years. God bless you always in your marriage. I have with my husband 10 years

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“May God bless you, may God give you strength, may God encourage you to keep going. Let’s take care of the family, let’s defend the family because that’s where our future is at stake ”. Pope Francis ����

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And others responded to Priscila’s request and commented on the years they have been married in a post completely full of love. On the other hand, a few days ago, El Temerario’s wife published a loving photograph with Gustavo, without imagining that it would cause a series of claims.

It is no secret to anyone that Gustavo and Priscila Ángel have one of the most stable relationships in the artistic world and are one of the few singers who enjoy family and religious love, which have been the foundations for them to have almost two decades of marriage. and some beautiful children.

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On rare occasions, the singer has uploaded photos on her Instagram account with her husband and children, and many of her fans have praised them and mentioned that they are undoubtedly an example of love and union.