My Husband Doesn’t Tell Me He Loves Me On Social Networks He Proves It With Facts

My Husband Doesn't Tell Me He Loves Me On Social Networks He Proves It With Facts

I do not need a comment, like or publication in any social network to confirm that my husband loves me, he proves it with facts

In a world increasingly governed by social networks and the activity of all our acquaintances in it, it is of the utmost importance what the couple does. It is said that a romantic relationship begins to be important when it is published on either Instagram or Facebook.

For most women it is extremely important that their partner expresses through all possible means how much he loves her and this includes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and even Twitter, however some men do not, they want to maintain the relationship between the two and prefer to show their affection with facts. That is why you should not be upset if your husband does not tell you that he loves you on social networks, he shows you in reality.

Of course, it is something very nice to receive a message from your partner when you upload a photograph next to him, even to see that he published a phrase dedicated to you, something more tender is to have in each of your images a ‘like’ of His part, however that he does not do it does not mean that he does not love you.

My husband doesn’t tell me that he loves me on social media, he shows me. Photo: Freepik

When the facts are what they tell you "I love you", the likes and comments on Facebook no longer matter to you, since for you it is more important to receive them in real life, remember that many say that not everything that is shown on social networks is Real, but quite the opposite and all those who claim to have a beautiful relationship are the ones who have more problems.

So, although my husband doesn’t tell me that he loves me on social media, I know he feels that about me because he washes the dishes and gets involved with housework, and he doesn’t take it for granted that I have to do everything, just because I’m a lover. From home. He tries to make my load less heavy.

Even if I don’t post it on social networks, my husband loves me because he helps me with the care of my children without my asking, he stays with them so that I have time to rest. Divide up our parenting work.

Although it is true that my husband does not publish all the time that he loves me on the networks, he shows it to me when he respects each of my decisions, he does not laugh at my dreams and supports me in my projects, he does everything possible to make them happen and take them the best decisions with me. Be aware that we are a team. He loves me because he looks for me in the middle of the day to ask me if I am okay, how my day is going, and he makes it clear that he is concerned about my well-being.

My husband doesn’t tell me he loves me on social media. Photo: Freepik

My husband loves me, even if he does not express it in networks, because it shows that every day he works in the relationship, he tries to solve instantly the conflicts that arise and I know that I can always count on his support. When I tell him that I need something, he never makes a gesture of annoyance, on the contrary, he tries to help me instantly.

I know that my husband loves me, because he always tells me looking into my eyes and does not wait for a special date to do it, apart from the fact that I do not need a post on social networks to realize his feelings.