Mexican Baby Defeats Coronavirus A Whole Warrior!

Mexican Baby Defeats Coronavirus A Whole Warrior!

Little Matías has become a hero, he fought against the Coronavirus, they will do a second test that they are waiting for, be it negative.

A ray of hope is the one that little Matías gave to the whole country, he is the Mexican baby who defeated the Coronavirus , he is a warrior and his relatives are more than happy with the news, his parents ask for his full recovery.

In the midst of the health contingency that is experienced by COVID-19 and the fear of this pandemic, good news has filled everyone with hope, Matías is the Mexican baby who has defeated the Coronavirus.

Matías, was the first Mexican baby diagnosed with COVID-19 in Mexico City, however, he managed to defeat the Coronavirus, he is a warrior and now the second test is only expected to confirm that he is double negative.

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Baby beats the coronavirus
He is the Mexican baby who has defeated the Coronavirus, a true warrior! Photo: Pexels.

Matías has become a flag of faith and hope, since the little one was the first Mexican baby diagnosed with Coronavirus, but he has managed to defeat the virus, his mother says that the timely care he received from the doctors was vital to save the little.

Matías’s mother is a nutritionist and on March 11 she traveled to Spain to a congress, upon returning to Mexico she presented chest pain, for which she decided to pay 7 thousand pesos for a COVID-19 test, six days later, her baby had to be hospitalized as he had the virus and had respiratory complications.

I went to Spain very confident, you know, with the idea that it will not happen to me, but it happened, I had chest pain, I went to the ABC of Observatory, they did the test and I tested positive, but my symptoms were not so heavy, the real problem occurred when on March 16 my Matías had to be hospitalized because he had a fever, a chest film was removed and pneumonia was detected.

Matías was able to return home on March 19, although he was kept in isolation together with his mother, but the little boy reacted very well, so now he is only waiting for a second Coronavirus test for the minor.

With this second test that little Matías will be given, it will be ruled out that the Coronavirus strain is still in his body and it will be confirmed that he is completely free of COVID-19.

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