Only Child Can You Live Happily Without Siblings?

Only Child Can You Live Happily Without Siblings?

Today many parents decide to have only one child, but is it essential to have siblings in order to lead a healthy and happy life?

Unlike the time of our grandparents, today generations decide not to fill themselves with children, on the contrary, it is common to hear them say "one and that’s it." And the fact is that the economic situation is not really there to afford that luxury, in addition, many parents do not even have the time to take care of their children, and all because we return to the same, due to lack of economy there are those who look for up to two jobs .

Regardless of whether he is an only child or not, his development will be completely normal, although at some point he may resent the lack of a little brother or sister to play with, but everything else will be carried out without any problem; here the fundamental thing is the affection that all the members of the family can offer.

As the first contact is with the mother, it is she who through her caresses, her voice and her gaze, the one that will gradually mold the personality of her baby, but it will also depend on how well received she feels for this. of the family, since it is no secret that a child who is surrounded or who is brought up with a lot of affection and a lot of love, practically becomes an unstoppable child. Why? because he is happy.

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From birth, all eyes and attention are monopolized by the baby, something that logically floods him with happiness, and as he grows, he gets used to it, however, as time goes by, he must understand that it is not the center of the universe, therefore, not everyone has to be attached to it, on the contrary, it is he who has to adapt to the situations he is experiencing. That is why it is important to make him see that there are certain limits.

Being an only child is very special. Photo: Pixabay

Loneliness is not really something that affects only single children, there may be children with many siblings who have the same feeling, in addition, since before entering kindergarten, they will surely socialize with friends that they know near their home, although At the beginning it will start small, since it is something totally new for him, and therefore, he is not used to it, but with the passage of time he will begin to increase his social circle with the entrance to school.

An advantage and at the same time a disadvantage in these cases is that being an only child, all the demands fall on him, therefore, everyone projects and puts pressure on him, but precisely these actions lead him to think that he must be a hero for his family, and then he gives his best.

As you can see there is not so much difference, all children go through different situations but each one faces them in the best way, what is very important is that like their parents, uncles or brothers, they fill them with love and happiness, because that’s the key to empowering all your skills. We repeat, a happy child is an unstoppable child.