Raúl Araiza Reacts To Revelations By Consuelo Duval, Mocked

Raúl Araiza Reacts To Revelations By Consuelo Duval, Mocked

During a broadcast of the Hoy program, Raúl Araiza reacted to the statements made about him by Consuelo Duval and the drivers mocked

After Consuelo Duval revealed details about her relationship with the driver Raúl Araiza and they went viral, the driver reacted to his statements and Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo took advantage of the moment to make fun of him.

Raúl Araiza and Consuelo Duval had a three-year relationship in the distant 80’s. Now, the interpreter of Federica P. Luche revealed some of the secrets that she lived with the driver, who reacted on the Hoy program.

The conductors Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta took advantage of the moment in which Raúl Araiza reacted to the statements of his former Consuelo Duval and made fun of him.

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A few days ago, Consuelo Duval was a guest on Yordi Rosado’s program, where she revealed moments that were too private in her life, especially from the past. And it is that during the broadcast of "The last and we go", a program that Yordi Rosado leads, the actress revealed that her first time had been with Raúl Araiza and even gave details of what happened. But it was not all, but it revealed what their relationship was like, how the driver behaved and even how they ended.

Consuelo Duval’s statements immediately went viral and caused a great impact with the revelations made by the actress. But it was during a broadcast of the Hoy program, in which Galilea Montijo, Andrea Legarreta and Raúl Araiza himself participate that Consuelo Duval’s statements appeared. Given this, Negro Araiza’s reaction was a bit of discomfort while Andrea and Galilea took the opportunity to make jokes about it.

The drivers joked once they began to see Raúl Araiza’s reaction to the moment he saw Consuelo Duval reveal her secrets. The moment was recorded on video by the same production of the Hoy program who put him in check by showing him the statement of his ex-partner.

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