Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Hair With Coca-Cola

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Hair With Coca-Cola

Experts give reasons not to wash your hair with Coca-Cola, are there benefits or not?

A variety of home remedies to improve the appearance of the hair have come out on video platforms, one of the most striking is washing hair with Coca-Cola . An expert from the Medical Dermatological Institute mentions that there are more prejudices than benefits.

Those who have washed their hair with Coca-Cola mentioned (this can be seen on YouTube) that their hair acquired more volume and waves were made, but the hair care is null. The explanation of the experts is that this is just a reaction of the hair.

The acid that coca-cola contains makes the hair contract, the hair loses its natural moisture, although it is true that the hair looks wavy, but the next day the hair becomes dry.

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Reasons why you should NOT wash your hair with COCA-COLA. Photo: Pixabay

Experts mention that the hair looks straw, dry, fluffy, because what happens is that the hair separates one from the other. And that what Coke really does with your hair is transform it into rough and beachy hair.

Dry, tangled and with more volume. This state of the hair, logically, is not a healthy state, that is why the experts of this institute do not recommend that you wash your hair with Coca-Cola.

The advice is that you avoid damaging your hair at all costs, it is recommended that you go to a beauty consultant who knows how to handle the hair and provides you with the products that are guaranteed to hydrate the hair.

What Coke does is dehydrate the hair, this is what makes it coarse and fluffy. It is not recommended, because as the experts say, you only help to spoil it and not to regenerate, shine and be strong.