Why Cynthia Rodríguez Doesn’t Share Photos With Carlos Rivera

Why Cynthia Rodríguez Doesn't Share Photos With Carlos Rivera

The former academic spoke of her relationship with Carlos Rivera and the reason why you will never see a photograph of the two together on social networks

Cynthia Rodríguez and Carlos Rivera have become one of the most beautiful and solid couples in the middle of the show but also one of the most mysterious, since they rarely give details about their relationship or share their activities on social networks, as many do. Famous.

And although they are currently a little more open and have already declared that they have a relationship, neither of them shares images where they are seen together, so they often wonder why Cynthia Rodríguez does not share photos with Carlos Rivera in social networks.

It is the same host of the program Venga la Alegría who has just finished with the mystery and mentions why she does not want to show herself next to the love of her life in networks. Rodríguez went with Laura G to the YouTube channel ‘Pinky Promise’ where she talked about her relationship with the singer.

Cynthia Rivera and Carlos Rivera. Photo: Instagram

Apart from answering what has become an obligatory question in all the interviews that the former academic is asked, why have you decided to keep your relationship away from social networks?

It happens to me that ours is ours and it is so valuable that we have to take care of it from anyone, from any malicious person, from any gossip and what we have is so valuable that where it is without having to say anything or publish anything, that’s how we have it, It is our treasure, it is ours. It’s our life

He also complimented his partner and in a few words described him as a prince charming

It’s just that he can see, he’s good, he’s chivalrous, he’s a great person, upright, keeps his word, I have no reason to be jealous

In the video that already has more than 90 thousand reproductions, the singer also mentioned that she is madly in love and does not doubt that the interpreter of Por tu Amor is the ideal person for her.

I am with my soul mate totally, I am with the love of my life. I’m happy and I think we’re both super happy

Apart from detailing that one of the things that unites her with Carlos Rivera is that both are quite attached to their families and that has allowed them to go through complicated seasons such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

When you have things so related to the person you are with and when you do what you like, it is the best thing that can happen to you in life

It was a few days ago when it was reported that one of the hosts of the morning show that VLA is part of, was expecting a baby, so everyone thought it was Cynthia however, it was not.

Given this, the one who was a participant in The Academy, mentioned that a baby is in her plans.

I would love to (get pregnant), if it’s a plan I have and not so long-term