Sister From Kenya Releases Her First Song As A Singer

Sister From Kenya Releases Her First Song As A Singer

Eloisa Osuna is the sister of youtuber Kenia Os who today is excited about the launch of her first song

Today is one of the most important for the youtuber Kenia Os as she shares happiness with her sister Eloisa Os or also known as Lonchita, who debuts as a singer and releases her first song.

Lonchita at 15 also has her youtuber channel and is very active on social networks, “Disimular” is the name of the song that has been released together with her music video with great success.

Kenia’s sister Os has more than 1 million 400 thousand followers on Instagram and 2 million on YouTube, within two hours of its premiere it already had more than 340 thousand views and mostly good comments.

Sister from Kenya releases her first song to you, follow in her footsteps. Photo: Instagram

Nini is what Eloisa calls her sister from whom she has received great support after venturing into the world of networks and now following in her footsteps as a singer, many now expect a duet together, although they have already done it as in the acoustic of "Pretty".

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THERE IS NO REASON TO ‘WASTE TIME �� “Disguise” very soon on all platforms !!

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For weeks they began to share that they were in the video recordings and today we can see the result of it, the whole team met to be among the first to see the finished product.

Does Kenia’s sister sing OS the same as her?

Although the music may be in parts similar to some that Kenya has done, the truth is that if they have a different timbre of voice, the song deals with sincere love that despite not being together cannot be disguised and it shows where be.

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Now available on my YouTube channel my first single "DISIMULAR" �� ✨

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The whole story ends with a date, where Eloisa and her handsome partner get to be so close that it seems at the end they kiss, of course it is all part of the performance since she has pointed out to date not having a boyfriend.

The song was recorded by the same musical company and collaborators in which Kenya does it, so they show that they felt like a family, who could not hide their emotion was their mother who is always by their side.

Kenia Os will release her next song on November 22nd, she has been very active and this year she has released several songs with great success, from “Energía”, “Mentiroso” and Delito ”.

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