Requirements for an Express Divorce

Requirements for an Express Divorce

Find out what an express divorce is and what you need to execute it successfully

Time passes and things change, what used to be a big problem to get divorced, now you can do it without problem, it is fast and very effective , you just have to get good advice from your lawyer what you want, meanwhile we recommend you read well some details you should know.

What is express divorce about? Express divorce is much more agile when two people want to separate, it takes place at any time, they only have to meet certain requirements.

People who want to divorce under the " Express D ivorce do not have to specify the reason, only request the divorce and comply with the following requirements so that it is carried out without problem and quickly.

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Requirements for an express divorce. Photo: Pixabay

Before it was very problematic to get a divorce, but now things have changed, the law of separation. Currently divorces are on the rise and that is why the procedures have been reformed to make it agile.

This is possible because the Notary is empowered by the Legal Reform of the Voluntary Jurisdiction Law to intervene and formalize the divorce deed by mutual agreement through the formulation of a regulatory agreement.

Express divorce and children

According to the law: The Law does not mention whether this requirement, with respect to the aforementioned children, refers exclusively to common children or also to children of only one of the spouses.

Perhaps, as a precaution, it is not to authorize the deed if there are children of only one spouse in the circumstances provided by the legal precept, that is, that they live together and depend on them.

Express divorce term.

That three months have elapsed since the celebration of the marriage. The law mentions that this time will not be effective when.

"For the life, physical integrity, liberty, moral integrity or sexual freedom and indemnity of the plaintiff spouse or of the children of both or of any of the members of the marriage."

Express divorce is also effective when there is a disease involved. It is recommended that you consult very well with your lawyer.