The Video Of Jenni Rivera When She Is Shouted: Today They Kill Her!

The Video Of Jenni Rivera When She Is Shouted: Today They Kill Her!

December 9, 2012 is unforgettable Jenni died in a plane crash. The video that causes the most chills is when she sings and they shout "Today they kill her!

Sadly, that video circulates on digital platforms that went viral when the band’s diva Jenni Rivera passed away . This video is about the last concert she gave at the Arena Monterrey and just when she is crying on stage, she hears them say: "Today they kill her."

It seems that that night, during the concert at the Arena Monterrey, someone warned or reminded her that they would kill her. The millions of followers do not forget Jenni Rivera, and some still think that her death was planned.

The video continues to cause a stir and emotions, the video has always remained current due to the impact it generates when hearing that voice that no one knows where it came from that shouts what awaits it.

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It is because of this video that many say that the plane crash in which she died was caused. In the video a voice is heard shouting in the distance: "Today they kill her!"

It should be noted that so far the authorities have not given credibility to the video, but it was not deleted either, it is still on the YouTube platform and continues to be one of the most reproduced every day.

In an interview Jenni spoke about what death meant in her life: "I feel that I have lived so many things at 42 years old, all the difficulties that I have lived, but I feel fulfilled, I feel made, I feel happy … I could. die and say: ‘Here Jenni Rivera rests’ ".

Likewise, she always mentioned that she felt full and blessed: "I feel blessed. There is no other word but to feel blessed, very lucky, very loved. I often cannot believe things in my professional life or in my personal life either, that happen in my life. "