They Are Looking For A Woman Who Crushed Her Little Daughter "Mamá Mi Pechito"

They Are Looking For A Woman Who Crushed Her Little Daughter

Outrageous video circulates on social networks where a woman mistreats her little daughter and is now sought by society for justice

Unacceptable and reprehensible are one of the most decent qualifications that a woman from Nuevo León received and that for her brutal acts have qualified her as "The hyena of Nuevo León." This woman we can’t tell you mom about , crushed her little daughter while the girl begged him to leave her. "Mommy my little breast," the little girl would say to her.

The cruelty of these acts have been exposed on social networks, and an alert has been launched to identify this woman who tortures her little daughter. It was the mobilization of the same users who gave the name of the aggressor, she is Briseidy "N".

It turns out that in the video a not so common tattoo is observed, which identified her as Briseyda, the cry of the little girl has moved millions of people who are waiting for justice to be done, the girl repeatedly called her grandmother asking for help .

The alleged culprit is pointed out on Twitter: Photo: Twitter.

One of the saddest and at the same time terrifying things that you will see today is the action of this woman who, not caring about anything, tries to suffocate her little girl with her foot, she climbs on top of her with all her weight on her, while the little girl how can he yells:

"Grandmother, mother, my little breast," the girl is heard saying as she cries.

We warn our readers that the video that you will see below is quite strong, we do not agree with violence of any kind at all, we hope that justice is done and that every life in this world, especially that of children, is cared for and respected.

The situation is already in the hands of the Secretary of Public Security of the State of Nuevo León and it is expected that they will soon find the whereabouts of "La hiena de nuevo león."