Things A Man Will Never Say To His Wife If He Really Loves Her

Things A Man Will Never Say To His Wife If He Really Loves Her

Attention men! If you want to survive a world war, we are sure you will do well, but please be careful what you say to a woman if you do not want Troy to burn.

There are things that should definitely be well kept in your thoughts, any wrong move and Boom! Here are the things a man will never say to his wife if he truly loves her.

Not even Thor, the God of thunder and force is capable of generating such a storm in heaven and on earth, and it is not the fault of women, it is your fault for not having a slight touch of subtlety when you speak.

Mainly, you have to think well what you have to say, connect your language well with your brain and be polite, remember that chivalry never goes out of style, and they love it. If you want everything to go well, there are a couple of things you should know, take a look.

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And what did you do all day?

Typical question that just by listening to it you will be armed. My king, you must understand that a woman is versatile, she does more than 3 things at the same time, gets up early, makes breakfast, changes the children, what’s more, she gets up and makes breakfast for you too! and she is always last and in a hurry.

Be careful with what you say!
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Yell at him

Have you not heard that a woman is not touched even with the petal of a rose? Yelling at him for any reason is not acceptable, firstly, you’re going to make things worse, and secondly, if you ask him to calm down, guess what? It is not going to do it, on the contrary, you are going to add fuel to the fire.

Criticize their clothes

That skirt is too short! No woman is going to accept that her clothes are inappropriate, if someone knows style they are, so leave that topic to the experts.

Hey … like I see you fuller …

I tell you? Run!

You’re already getting crow’s feet!

Have … we all notice the years, right? So what an eagerness to be reminding you that with the passage of time havoc is being generated, do not say it!


You despair of a woman when you simply and simply answer with a: yes / no. Season it, unwind, they want details of everything, they like it.

Now that you know a little more about what you should and should not do, let’s hope you do well, and now, take care of our blessed women. What would we do without them? the truth is that without their support and unconditional dedication our world would not be the same. They can be a bit complicated, direct and explosive but remember, women do not have to be understood, they have to be loved.