Woman Organizes Wedding Without Her Boyfriend Knowing Or Give Her Ring

Woman Organizes Wedding Without Her Boyfriend Knowing Or Give Her Ring

The bride’s friend relates this case, that despite not being engaged or having given her the ring, the woman organizes her wedding

Organizing a wedding is not an easy thing and we know that it takes time. The problem is that it is not very common for a woman to organize it without the groom knowing and not even giving her the ring.

So it is surprising as it may seem, perhaps a groom should measure his words very well and not joke when he tells his wife that if they were to marry, she can see this as a yes and can organize her wedding alone without a ring in hand.

Woman organizes wedding without her boyfriend knowing or giving her a ring. Photo: Pixabay

This story is shared by the person who is said to be a friend of the bride who, although she hid her identity, decided to express herself in the comments on the Reddit site.

The story that was taken up by the portal The Sun has caused expectation, of course she is not the first woman who does something similar or plans her wedding with strict adherence to what she wants at the expense of everything and everyone.

According to the girl’s texts, she points out that just after New Year’s Day the boyfriend jokingly told her that if he would marry her, to which the friend added that surely one day they would.

"Shortly after, he sent me a message on Instagram to confirm my attendance at a ‘special event’, then I realized that what he was really planning was his wedding," the portal highlights.

This person who tells the story is a good friend of the bride, and says that the groom is an excellent person and that if he wanted the wedding to happen, the problem is that he worries that he is organizing without there being a marriage proposal, much less a ring.

"I am very excited that she is preparing for that moment in her life, but I am confused because the proposal has not happened yet," she said according to the friend of the bride.

A girlfriend’s friend tells how she organizes a wedding without notifying her boyfriend or being engaged.

The issue has gone viral and although nothing else is known regarding the identities of those involved, the text is already being broadcast that the users say it, some condemn the action of the bride while others applaud her.

Of course, it is not necessary to do the ritual that most couples do to get engaged, but what is worrisome is that he does it without the boyfriend knowing anything and gives him a surprise that he does not like it and ends the relationship.