Prayer to Attract Abundance in Difficult Times

Prayer to Attract Abundance in Difficult Times

The prayer to San Pancracio is powerful, and whenever you find yourself in need of money, he does the miracle for you, it is only a matter of saying his prayer with faith

If you think that these moments are too difficult for you, where you require more money to cover expenses, or to take food home, then the prayer to San Pancracio will help you make a special request and the saint will grant you the miracle .

Some believe that this prayer only works when you are given a picture of Saint Pancracio, but the truth is that it is so powerful that when it is said with great faith, miracles happen. If you have an image of the holy good, but if you do not have it, do not worry that you only have to have the following:

A glass of water and 3 coins of different denominations, light a green candle, and start saying the following sentence, but remember that you must find a place where no one will disturb you or interrupt you because you have to say it three times.

Prayer to San Pancracio to attract abundance in difficult times. Photo: Pixabay

Saint Pancracio I bow to you to venerate you so that you listen to me, because I know that my prayers will reach your heart, I choose you as my protector, as my savior, I know that God has put you in my path so that you heal my wounds and so that bring me abundance in my life.

Glorious Saint Pancracio heeds the request that, with humble trust in the goodness of God and supported by your mighty courage, I raise to heaven in my present need.

(Here, ask yourself the request you want to get from the Saint)

Since your great love for God encouraged you to offer your life in testimony of faith, obtain for me this same love and this strength in the practice and in the confession of faith. I offer to be faithful to you, and pray to you, put you for a week, Water, coins and a piece of bread.

My request is from my heart and I would not do it if it was not so necessary, I believe that you can give me the help that I deserve and that in these moments I need so much, in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, I ask, I beg you and I implore you. Amen

You must say this prayer three times, in three days. Do not always forget to do it with faith from your heart and do not worry that your risks are always heard by this saint.