Yalitza Aparicio Dresses Like Selena And Looks Just As Beautiful As The Queen Of Tex-Mex

Yalitza Aparicio Dresses Like Selena And Looks Just As Beautiful As The Queen Of Tex-Mex

Yalitza Aparicio continues to impress everyone with her talent and beauty, she also got Selena’s fever and opaque wearing a charming outfit.

The career of the Oaxacan woman continues from strength to strength and has given much to talk about, through social networks Yalitza Aparicio surprised by dressing as Selena and she looks just as beautiful as the queen of Tex-Mex , compliments rained down on the young actress.

The fever of the biographical series of the native of Texas has reached even Yalitza Aparicio herself, who dresses as Selena and looks just as beautiful as the queen of Tex-Mex, she could not resist the urge to show off her outfit with her followers.

Yalitza Aparicio surprised in mid-November with exceptional dresses at the 21st Annual Latin Grammy Awards, but now from the comfort of her home she impresses with her look regarding the great interpreter Selena Quintanilla.

You can see: This was the house where Yalitza Aparicio lived before she was famous.

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The Oscar nominee for Best Actress in the film Roma, continues to impress her followers with all the successes she has achieved in her short but successful career, as well as becoming a fashion reference that also follows trends.

Well, in social networks there is no talk of anything other than the biographical web series about the life and career of the queen of Tex-Mex, Selena, so celebrities, including Yalitza Aparicio, want to look like her, dress in her incredible and unforgettable changing rooms.

That is why the beloved "Cleo" received a special gift from the Streaming platform that Selena premiered: the series on December 4, she shared the gift through a video on her Instagram profile with the theme "Como la flor" from bottom.

From the living room of her house, Yalitza Aparicio opened her gift, which contained a poster of Selena Quintanilla and a denim jacket with silver diamonds on the shoulders, identical to one that was part of the interpreter’s most emblematic outfits from "Bidi bidi bom bom".

Alfonso Cuarón’s pupil did not hesitate to immediately put on her jacket to look just like Selena, so she also modeled it and presumed that on the back of the garment she had written "Yali" with diamonds, a detail that fascinated her.

This wardrobe with which Yalitza Aparicio paid tribute to the unforgettable queen of Tex-Mex raised all kinds of comments, since haters have never left the young Oaxacan actress alone, but there were others who reminded her that she looks beautiful.

It looks beautiful on you

How beautiful you were

How beautiful you look, Yalitza!

Yalitza Aparicio joins the list of celebrities who have modeled with her outfit like Selena’s, Andrea Legarreta also days ago showed off this beautiful jacket that all Selena Quintanilla fans want the same.