Important Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Important Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Doing them will allow you to know what he likes or not and have a fun, intimate and beautiful moment

When we fall in love, we feel that we are in a dream, that that person is the most beautiful in this world and happiness invades us, but do you really know your boyfriend? It may surprise you how fun and important it is to ask questions to get to know someone, since in this way you can find out about their likes, dreams, doubts or fears, making their communication the best and most fluid.

Even inquiring about your boyfriend can improve trust between the two of you, get to know each other more thoroughly, know each other’s tastes when giving gifts, it is also good to know what things bother you, to avoid misunderstandings.

There are many questions for your boyfriend that you can ask , whether they are fun, serious, intimate or even daring, to give the relationship fluidity and get to know each other better.

Important questions to ask your boyfriend. Photo: Freepik

You must bear in mind that although in every love relationship there must be maturity and seriousness, it is also important that there are moments of leisure, fun and even crazy or adventures that both can share, all this can be better if the right questions are asked.

For best results, try to ask the questions in an intimate moment, where no one will listen or interrupt you, this will open your hearts and your boyfriend can answer with all honesty and tranquility.

Try to make it a pleasant moment and avoid monotony, also dare to ask questions for friends or the person you like, for that we have brought you a compilation of the best:

How liberal are you in your love relationships?

This question should be asked before starting the relationship, since it will allow you to know if that person is as serious as you and what they are really looking for. The idea is that you are with someone who is in the same line as you and has similar or similar values, that both can contribute good things.

If you had a perfect day, what would it be like?

Although, it is good to have things in common with your boyfriend, but perhaps his tastes and preferences are not the same as yours, so it is good to know his hobbies and above all respect them. This question also allows you to gain perspective on the other’s expectations.

What is your most important dream?

One of the most important questions, which will allow you to know the objectives that your boyfriend has and his vision of the future, to know if they are really realistic or not and if they fit what you are looking for.

There are some questions you should ask your boyfriend. Photo: Pexels

What matters most to you in a relationship?

You can do this before giving the "Yes I want to be your girlfriend", since you can get an idea of ​​how the other person organizes their priorities and see if they have the same aspirations regarding love.

What is your favorite music?

It is one of the most basic questions, which you have probably already asked your boyfriend, very important to know his tastes and thus dedicate a song that really touches his soul.

If you find out that I am pregnant, what would your reaction be?

This question will surely scare you a bit, but your reaction can be very funny and you will laugh together. It also helps you know if your partner wants children.

Do you have any fantasy?

More related to intimacy, but it can be relevant, since the better you know your partner, surely his intimate life will be better. In addition, both could share what they like in this aspect and what they do not, to mark the necessary limits.

What do you expect from me?

It will help you to know how your partner perceives you, if he really feels that you complement him or feel a certain dependence on you.

Do you feel good about your body?

With this question you will know how high your boyfriend’s self-esteem has, how he values ​​his own body and help him in case he does not appreciate himself as he should.

You should ask your boyfriend if he feels good about his body. Photo: Freepik

What do you like more: the beach or cold places?

A question that helps to know where you can take him on a special date, thus choosing the best environment and giving him a pleasant surprise so that both of you have an incredible time. Your partner will love that you take their tastes into account and that they get out of the routine from time to time.

What do you like the most that they do to you?

Something more intimate, but very useful so that in bed they can complement each other and break the ice about sexuality, making their encounters the most ardent.

Does physique matter much to you?

Many people give too much importance to the physical, you can ask this question before starting a relationship as such and thus know how demanding the other person is and if you fit what they are looking for or is someone more superficial.

What is your favorite food?

Once again, exploring each other’s tastes can be one of the best questions, since most dates revolve around eating, sharing and it is important that you know what culinary preferences your boyfriend has. In this way, you can surprise him by finding a good restaurant where they prepare his favorite dish or learn yourself how to cook it for him, so that you indulge him from time to time.

If you have 3 wishes, what would you ask for?

This is another question that can help you learn about your partner’s goals and dreams.

You love animals?

If you are a nature lover and you like to have a pet, it is good to know if your partner thinks similar, there are people who prefer to have plants and do not like cats or dogs too much.

Am I a good girlfriend?

More than questioning your role in the relationship, this question will help you to know if there are negative qualities that do not make your boyfriend feel good and that you can improve. Or simply know that if you are the best.

Which are your fears?

An excellent question that will make your boyfriend have his heart and you can help him overcome some fear, provide him with the necessary support and
to strengthen their ties as a couple.