5 Tips To Control Anxiety And Your Stress Levels

5 Tips To Control Anxiety And Your Stress Levels

Anxiety is the disease in trend, with the Covid 19 pandemic it is more common for people to suffer from it, here are some tips to control it

With the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic, more cases of people who presented anxiety also arrived, there is much talk about this disease but little is understood to the people who suffer from it, they experience a feeling of fear, fear and concern and it can be a normal reaction to stress.

Another thing that came to unbalance people’s health was the stress that, although it had accompanied some for a time, the pandemic increased the levels and put even children in check, because the rhythms of life changed, not to mention that uncertainty was a key factor.

There are several treatments that can control and lighten the load of stress and anxiety, from therapy with psychologists, to some medications, before reaching any of these two solutions, we suggest 5 tips to control anxiety and your stress levels , you can make them part of your routine.

Walk to clear your mind . When you feel restless or have an anxiety attack, you can take a walk for a moment to clear your mind and feel less oppressed, it will give you more stability.

Talk to someone to listen to you . It is important that you can communicate with a family or friend when you have these episodes, the key to this tip is that it will help you to express your emotions and you will be distracted with the talk.

Meditation of at least 15 minutes . One of the things that experts recommend for stress and anxiety control is to meditate or practice some other physical activity, it can be yoga and even combine this point with the first to do a bit of hiking.

5 Tips to control anxiety and your stress levels. Photo: Pexels

Read a book . Nothing better than leaving your world of stress to enter another calmer one, reading will also clear your mind and calm your anxiety because it will relax you completely, from 15 to 20 minutes you can do this activity.

Take a warm bath . At night or on your days off, don’t forget to pamper yourself to relieve the pressure of your daily tasks, a hot bath with some aromatic salts or lavender oil can work wonders and make you feel better.