Woman Falls Asleep With A Headache And Wakes Up Lifeless

Woman Falls Asleep With A Headache And Wakes Up Lifeless

She never thought that this would be her last day, the mother found her daughter after taking medication for a headache, going to bed and not waking up

Without a doubt more than once we have suffered a headache for many it is something frequent while it happens sporadically to others but you never expect to go to sleep and not wake up causes this condition.

A woman of only 21 years old went to bed to sleep after taking medication for the very intense headache that she felt this was surely not the first time that it happened to her but she did not wake up anymore, her mother found her lifeless.

Suffering from headaches should not be something to be taken lightly – it can trigger serious illnesses even though some may come after a stressful day or an intense workday.

Woman falls asleep with a headache and wakes up lifeless. Photo: Pixabay

According to what is pointed out in various media, it was the mother of the young woman named Jessica Cain who found her in her bed without giving credit to what happened since she saw her moments before going to bed.

This event occurred in the town of Gateshead, in the northeast of England, very close to Newcastle and it is now known that what the girl had was Meningitis, when a virus enters the body through the nose or mouth and travels to the brain.

This condition causes severe headaches and the neck feels stiff in addition to causing discomfort in other parts of the body, leading to a state of fatigue and the need to rest.

"She said her head hurt a little and she felt a little groggy. She took acetaminophen and water, and went to bed," said the mother of the affected young woman.

When Sheila’s mother found her, she was shocked and more after the result, since having known what was happening before, perhaps her daughter was alive today after having taken adequate treatment but everything was left in a common headache day.

A headache can trigger a Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA), it can be the announcement of the presence of a tumor or, in this case, a serious illness, for this reason Jessica’s mother wants to raise awareness of the importance of treating a pain of head.

And remember also that this can happen at any age, so we must be attentive to what the most vulnerable point out to us and if we know of someone who suffers, ask them to be treated frequently since this can save their life.

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